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Our Christmas

Our Christmas was extra special this year, as it was the first time we have ever spent the holidays at home.  In nearly twelve years, this is the first holiday that I haven’t traveled.  The night before Christmas Eve we took some pictures of Raymond and Emma Marie by our tree.  I am beyond thrilled that they are the best of friends this past year- definitely the best present a parent could ever ask for.

On Christmas Eve morning, much of which was spent in cuddly Christmas PJs-we happily celebrated the day with Nana.

Raymond was so excited every morning to run downstairs and wake-up Nana.  Love watching them spend so much quality time with each other.


Raymond even got in on our old family tradition with helping make the marinade for our dinner.  He goes and grabs the stool from the laundry room and happily helps out with anything and everything to do with cooking.

Minor snafu- I made him hot chocolate and put the marshmallows IN the hot cocoa and not on the SIDE of the hot cocoa… MOM FAIL. Apparently, we have one picky hot chocolate drinker.  He thought it was ruined.

The weather finally started to cool down and we played outside throughout the day.  Raymond playing baseball and learning how to catch-with Em covered in sand in the turtle.



A couple of times a year we make Raymond allergy-free cookies(Peanut, Egg, Gluten-Free) and what better a time than to make some for Santa.  Raymond LOVED making cookies with Santa in mind.


Oh yea, most of the ingredients come from a box… a very fancy shmancy box with a price tag that would make you think they should taste delicious- not the case.  BUT Raymond doesn’t know the difference and thinks they are INCREDIBLE. Ignorance is bliss people.

There may or may not have been a couple of mishaps…er messes.  But Raymond thought it was hilarious.


Oh yeah, let the Boot God’s rejoice…. Mom has a new pair of shoes. AND they are everything I had hoped they’d be and MORE.  I’ve been pining for this pair for YEARS- we are talking about 8-9 years.  You may even remember them from my Mom’s Wishlist. Love them.

The husband had to work most of Christmas Eve so I enlisted the help of Nana for some pictures of my little ones.  I need to work on being IN the pictures this next year.  Thankful for these sweet memories.


My sweet baby girl.

Raymond really got Christmas this year.  He understood what the holiday was about, was thankful for the traditions, and delighted in helping-especially when it came to get the cookies and carrots ready for Christmas Eve night.  Note to self: we need to get enough carrots for ALL  of the reindeer instead of just explaining that they are going to share.  I mean really, sharing is caring, but he got a tad concerned that some were not going to have enough to eat.


Christmas Eve dinner is probably the most special memory and tradition-the one I hold most dear.  I have so many fond memories of going over to my grandmother’s house and visiting with all of our family.  We always had a fabulous platter of veggies, dip, and olives galore-so this year was no different and it made me thankful how much my children love their veggies. YUM.


Before going to bed our Elf(from Elf on the Shelf) had two presents for Raymond and Emma to open.  They received new pajamas to wear that night.  Raymond LOVED recieving a present from our sweet elf.  It is of note that our Elf is just a silly little guy who sometimes finds himself surrounded by dinosaurs or eating a candycane- he doesn’t report bad behavior.

Christmas Morning we woke up to two nearly empty plates.  Santa had left one cookie for Raymond and he squealed with glee that Santa had obviously LOVED the cookies he made.

Emma Marie was given a plush dog that she has carried around and slept with ever since.  I love how much she loves her puppy.

Raymond woke up to all of his stocking goodies AND the train set that he had so kindly asked for from Santa.

Christmas breakfast was devoured after all the stockings and presents were opened.

The rest of the day was spent relaxing and playing with all of our the new toys.  It’s times like these that I am most thankful that we were able to have such a special holiday this year.  The biggest gift of all was that family was able to join us this year in Arizona. Oh, and to state the obvious- Ms. Em does not take kindly to sitting for a picture. As least we are all in frame AND looking at the camera. Mom Win.

Tomorrow I am recapping our New Year’s Eve Celebrations.

Happy Holidays!

How were your holidays?  Did you get to spend time with family this season?


Would LOVE to hear about your holidays!