Daily Archives: January 8, 2015

Schnepf Farm with the Family



Our family came to Arizona for Christmas this year.  Of course my first though was, “Let’s all go to the farm!”… it totally was, and thankfully was a HUGE hit with all our little ones.  Raymond is three, Makena 2 1/2, Emma 16 Months, and Kailani just turned one! Four kids, three and under at Schnepf Farm.  Our favorite place to go for Fall Festivals and Weekend Trips.

Little side note: Check out adorable Makena below- she realized Raymond was smiling and turned and gave us the beauty above! Love.



There were so many baby goats to see and in the first five minutes of arriving at the bakery this little one came tumbling by chasing after the friendliest golden retriever you’ve ever seen.  Priceless.  Raymond and Makena were immediately smitten and ran right toward the little guy.








The farm sets up bonfires so you can roast marshmallows AND they have Marshmallow Kits with your very own stick to use that you can purchase at the Bakery. DEFINITELY going to do that next time.  Instead the four grand-kids stared into the fiery blaze and just relished in the warmth.


Nana and the Grand-kids


Em CUDDLED with Nana all day.  I was in Mommarrazi Mode and wanted to capture some sweet pictures of my sister’s family for her to enjoy.







Feeding the goats!









It’s like herding feral cats.  Picture three grown adults trying to give artistic direction to four toddlers. Pretty priceless.




Best Friends



My two FAVORITE nieces.


Awe, candid moments.



Beyond thankful that our family traveled from FAR.FAR.AWAY. And we loved every second of hanging out in the chaos that is little kids.  Can’t wait for them to move closer(fingers crossed).  Emma Marie had to be next to Kailani AT.ALL.TIMES.  She lit up whenever the girl’s entered the room and was just so darn happy to play with them.  I see many family birthday parties and trips with them in our future!