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Preparing for Guests:Bathroom Faucets

With the holidays and hosting for the first time, ever.  It became evidently apparent that we needed to add some things to our guest bathroom.  For one, we need to be able to put up a shower curtain.  This would give our guests an option to take a private shower at their leisure, instead of waiting to use the one in our master.

We took the curtain down because that is where our little ones take a bath every night… and curtains just get in the way.  BUT- goodness do we need a clean-cut one for when we have guests.  I am thinking of this one from Target.  It is simple, white(so hopefully helps keep the room brighter) and it is bleach-able. WIN.

We remove all of the toys and tripping hazards out of the showers and tub before guests arrive but I didn’t identify that our shower head in our guest bathroom has been seriously neglected.  It is covered in lime and calcium deposits… it is anyone’s guess if it still runs.  Notably we did not upgrade the bathroom faucets when we bought our house years ago simply because we haven’t used that part of the bathroom in the past four years.  Now that Raymond can take a shower(by himself-with supervision) I am thinking that perhaps the shower curtain could be brought back permanently.  We will just have to see if Ms. Em thinks it is just too much fun to play with.  Don’t need a toddler taking down the curtain(with rod) right before bedtime.

Since we live in the desert we bought a water conservation shower faucet for our master bedroom after the Black Mold Fiasco of 2011 rendered that bathroom useless and we had to gut it.  Now that we are looking into upgrading I have found a similar style to the one that we currently have in the guest bathroom that uses 20% less than a standard shower head at danze.com.  The winner? This Hyrdocity 4”Four-Function Showerhead.  My husband’s favorite? Was this 4 1/2” Five Function Showerhead.  But the winning point was that the Hydrocity uses less water and it optimizes water intensity even with low pressure.

Our new shower head is on it’s way to our house and we plan on picking up the shower curtain this weekend from Target.  Last year on Black Friday I loaded up on fabulous bath towels, hand towels, and new bath mats.  Now that everything is coming together I think the bathroom will be a clean haven for guests.

And looking back at what it looked like when we moved in?


We have come a long, long way.

I don’t have a picture of the laminate flooring… but the floors are new tile, cabinets re-finished, and bathroom painted.  The bathroom feels much brighter AND bigger now with all of the small updates and our new bathroom faucets. Can’t wait to add the shower curtain and see what the kids think!


How do you prepare for overnight guests?  Would love to know some sweet touches I could add.



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