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Soccer Summer Camp for my Preschooler


Growing up I lived for soccer… through grade school playing against the boys(and winning), middles school, high school and on into college. LOVE soccer.  During the summer when I was little I loved the opportunity to go to soccer camps with my friends in the summer and I have some of the fondest memories from my time in cleats. Now that Raymond is three we are looking into getting him into some activities and naturally, soccer was the winner for this summer.  We also plan on doing swimming lessons as a family throughout the heat.

Our beloved Seattle Sounders team comes down to visit each year for training and we have traveled to see them each time! Love some baby photo ops with my favorite players.

From 2012: Rosales how I love thee.  As soon as the final whistle blew some of the players that played in the first round of the game(1 of 3, 45 minute mini-games) started heading back toward the dorms at the complex.  The hubby handed me the camera and I brazenly marched right across the field- who is going to mess with this mom?-not them.  I saw Rosales fleeing the crowd because well frankly it was cold and he had been sitting, watching with cold sweat(probably) for over an hour and a half and wanted to seek refuge.  I went straight up to him and asked if he would kindly take a picture with Raymond.  He gave me this HUGE smile and said, “Of course!”.  He grabbed him and immediately cuddled up with Raymond.  He even gave him two mini-baby kisses on the cheek!  Such a gracious athlete!


Oh, goodness I can not wait to see my little man at camp with friends this year! Seriously, two years ago he was just this little round bowl of joy.


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