Daily Archives: February 16, 2015

My Sweet Valentine



The husband arrived home on Friday with my favorite flowers-beautiful purple tulips-and Emma Marie was just as surprised as I was. Priceless.  She could NOT get over how gorgeous they were and, “Ohhhed & Ahhhed” over them for a good twenty minutes.




Raymond loves stopping and smelling the flowers.  At the zoo, the park, the farm… you name it and we take our time to live in the moment and smell the flowers.

After he grabbed these from the hubby he quickly made his way over to me and said that HE, not dad, got me these beautiful tulips for Valentine’s Day. Well, he through the hubby right under the bus…




Little Tulip Lover




On Valentine’s Day morning we headed off to the farmer’s market to grab some local cold-brewed coffee, organic veggies, and some local beef from as Raymond likes to say, “The REAL Cowboy,” and sure enough he is a REAL cowboy.  Love shopping local and getting out with my little family on the weekends.


 mom-meMy Sweet Valentine- Loved this shirt from our Disney Adventures Last Summer

Love Our FamilyWe had a lovely Valentine’s Day together and YES, we even pulled out the tripod… the kid’s were not amused.


Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

Pre-kids we celebrated Valetine’s Day at the Melting Pot… love fondue. What are your traditions for the holiday?