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#DisneySide @Home Cars Celebration

Loved hosting our #DisneySide @Home Valentine’s Day  Cars Celebration with a bunch of our little preschool friends! Our #DisneySide Box was full of party supplies, games, and fabulous party favors for our guests(and their parents!). You can check out our #DisneySide Box Reveal- HERE.

When we were thinking about a time to do our party that would work for our family we decided that the week before Valentine’s Day would be perfect!  I thought that making a Valentine’s Day Craft to give to parents and friends would be fun(albeit messy)-and I was right on both counts.



I LOVED how we used our DIY Chalkboard Wall as a photo backdrop complete with Cinderella quote and with the ever-so-essential #DisneySide Hashtag.


Plus kids with photo props are pretty priceless.




Gift Bags and Extra Goodies for Parents


 Gift Goodies



Twinings Tea & Crumpets Station




The extra goodies are from Mindy Alyse Celebration Inspiration. Her Valentine’s Day in a Box came with the BEST assortment of goodies for the holiday.  The sparkles, cupcake liners, cupcake decorations, cake banner, love banner, napkins, paper straws and extra goodies! I loved how those sweet touches helped with our Tea Station.


For those that don’t know we have a lot of food allergies in our family and cupcakes-cake usually don’t make the cut because they need to be nut, egg, and gluten-free… hard to make and not the best tasting. SO marshmallows were the winner and they were a HIT with the kids.  Marshmallows on a stick-who knew? Plus it felt rather royal…



The iced-tea bar was superb! The temperatures were in the mid-70s here in Phoenix and these non-caffeinated teas were quite refreshing! Plus, the fact that the kids were able to have “tea” made for a special moment.  We even talked about pinkies out(is that really a thing?!).



Raymond made Valentine’s Day Cards for all of his little friends before the party. Loved how simple this craft was.


 Chalkboard Photo Wall


 Photo Props for the win!


 Food Station

Fresh veggies, dip, Foodles, chips, salsa, popcorn, bell peppers.


Fabulous Banner from Mindy Alyse 




CrunchPak Foodles– DELICIOUS Snacks for our littlest guests.  In the past two weeks since the party we have actually grabbed a couple more of these from the store… they are perfect for when you are just a tad too busy, like say, with a toddler and preschooler. Genius and healthy.


 Apple, Cheese, and Pretzels


 Apple, Cheese, and Grapes


Allergy-Free Pizza AND the Heart Shaped Papa Murphy’s Pizza. WIN-WIN. Safe and easy way to feed a hungry crowd-thankful that we picked up TWO heart-shaped pizza’s from Papa Murphy’s. YUM.



 Fresh Lemonade-Thankful for friends that bring bags of lemons from their backyard to us.


Outdoor Craft Area



Art Supplies, Bubbles, Jake Coloring Book

Loved doing our Valentine’s Day Craft.  We used a paper plate with some paint(washable of course because? Preschoolers).  I cut up five celery hearts and the kids dipped the hearts into the paint colors of their choice and made flower bouquets for their family and friends. Simple and easy!

DisneySide24Emma Marie dislikes anything to do with paint-so luckily our #DisneySide Party Kit came with this incredible coloring book.  Jake and the Neverland Pirates are a favorite in our house.  We named our “Secret Hideout” after the one in the show.  Oh and our password? Yo-Ho-Ho.


Flower Bouquets for Nana



Emma Marie devoured her Foodles. She LOVED that the container was in the shape of Mickey! She kept talking about how it was Mickey and that it was her favorite. Pretty priceless.



A Disney Party without some BLING?! How could I?


One of the games that we played was Pin the Smile on Mickey! This was the first time Raymond had played such a game and it was fun to explain the rules… kids are so darn trusting and he really enjoyed being the first person to go. I guess a privilege of being the hosts? Yes, I think so.


For the little ones that were a year old we didn’t have them wear anything covering their eyes.  We gave them the option-but not one liked the idea of that handkerchief on their head. Can’t blame them.



I am so thankful for being able to host this #DisneySide @Home Cars Valentine’s Day Celebration with our friends and family!  My kids had so much fun helping set-up-which of course meant that everything took longer- but it was well worth it.  Everyone left with a large swag bag full of toys, stickers, HP Photo Paper, Chore Charts(they are fun ones I swear), and Cars treat bags with goodies. We ended the night with popcorn in big red solo cups watching the original Cars movie.

Definitely thankful for preschool teachers- a bunch of 2 and three year olds(with a couple babies) take it out of you! Oh my goodness!

Thanks for sticking around!

Now I NEED to know- What games do you play with little ones at parties?

I need a couple other family friendly ones for two birthdays coming up! Please and thank you!



The party kit was provided from Mom Select Media.  All opinions as always are 100% my own.