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Munchkin Meals: Toddler & Preschooler

Time for another Munchkin Meals thanks to Brittany over at A Healthy Slice of Life! On the first Thursday of every month she hosts a Munchkin Meals Link-Up Party- which enables me to look through tons of great meal ideas to change things up with my Toddler and Preschooler.



Our family has been on a breakfast for dinner kick.  LOVE how our house smells and the kids eat their fill.  With all of Raymond’s Allergies I always make sure to make all of his gluten-free, egg-free pancakes before making the rest of the family’s. YUM.



After researching for awhile we have finally found a couple of top 8 allergen safe options for safe treats.  I know it isn’t necessary but once or twice a week it’s nice to have a safe treat for them to enjoy!  Plus, it’s hard attending parties and events when all of the other kids have treats… MOM WIN. Super excited.










Oh yes, pancakes AND VEGGIES? Yep.  They don’t know what foods go with what.  So we always, always give them tons of green veggies.  We had just received a large bag of grapefruit from a coworker and Raymond and I may or may not have consumed the entire bag.

No regrets.



Gluten-Free, Egg-Free BBQ Chicken Pizza NOM NOM NOM




The fail safe meal for the past year with BOTH kids is a take on a Chipotle Burrito Bowl.  Simply add: Grilled Chicken, Beans, Brown Rice, Cheese, and Green Veggies.  Both kids have yet to pass up on this meal, ever.  I must admit I love it too.

I started to work on adding in different looks to the bowls-re-creating the classic.  The lettuce wrap bowls? Not quite as enchanting to toddlers.  Em was quite perplexed but ate her way through.  Raymond destroyed the plateful of food.

Our grocery shopping bill attests to their appetites.  Em surely eats the same amount as Raymond.  He is thirty pounds bigger than her. Thirty.  Yesterday morning she ate 3 1/2 waffles instead of the usual two. Where does she put it?  Goodness.  Looking forward to checking out the rest of the posts on this link-up… I NEED some new ideas for this summer.  I do not want to burn out a favorite!


Past Munchkin Meals:

Munchkin Meals Toddler & Preschooler

Thanks for joining me today! And thank you to Brittany at A Healthy Slice of Life for hosting! Go check out her book all about Baby Led Weaning!
What meals have you been serving in you kitchen?  What’s your favorite meals to eat in the summer?
Would love to hear from you!