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Easter at Schnepf Farms

We woke up early on Saturday morning to load the kids into the car and head to Schnepf Farm.  Our FIRST Easter Egg Hunt(outside of the backyard bonanza) and we were ALL excited for an adventure! I loved picking out the kid’s outfits and brought “back-ups” in case there were any accidents.  Usually when we are at the farm we are clad in low-key attire(hello yoga pants and tank) and I was more than happy to dress them up!


Emma Marie wore a fabulously soft light teal number from the Target Sale Racks of last year- #TargetForTheWin.  And I am all for cute clothes for girls(and boys) but BOY do they have to be comfy.  Some of the girl’s clothes I’ve found are awfully scratchy… no such thing as cute if it’s not comfy.  She wore these adorable white bloomers under(because she’s a lady) and loved twirling around in it.  She was given a choice between two and picked this one.  The one not chosen was the back-up.

Raymond loved his bow-tie.  I about died from the cuteness.  Usually when we are out Em will reiceve some complements on a dress/romper but this time was his time to shine.  He would bashfully lower his head and say, “Thank you,” each time he received a sweet comment.  Such a sweet boy.




The two were astounded with how many people turned out.  So many more than on our usual outings where we barely encounter ten people.


Raymond asked if we could sit in the back of the train and we were more than happy to oblige.  Loved that the clouds gave us a little cooler weather this year.

We were told that the Roller Coaster was going to be closed the night before the event and Raymond was a tad bummed because we had talked about that he could finally ride his first coaster.  All he wanted was to ride, “A REAL one, the big one, the one with large hills!” and to my surprise as we headed to the back of the farm to explore before the Easter Egg Hunts we found a nice young man who turned it on.

So there we were running toward the roller coaster and suddenly I got this feeling of… maybe it was too soon?  Height requirements were not a problem-they were 36 inches and he is a cool 42 inches(perhaps 43 now?).  But he was yelling out in glee that we get to ride the real roller coaster… so we did.



Definitely love his thirst for adventure.  A boy after my own heart.



After the roller coasters, the slides, saying, “Hi” to some animals he was off flying.  Last time he rode these planes I was more than nervous that he was alone in it.  This time I buckled him in and just walked away.  He has grown up so much since November.



Don’t you worry.  Emma Marie definitely had her fill of rides too.  Little Lady wanted to go on the Bumble Bees and we yelled, “Ye Haw,” the entire time.  No correlation.  She just really thought she was a flying cowboy.



The Larkspur flowers on the grounds were gorgeous and I am kicking myself for not remembering to grab some to bring home.  Will be heading back there soon to grab one for a bouquet on the table.



Oh, this shows their personalities right now.  We were waiting for the first Egg Hunt to begin.


Self-control for the win!  Seriously, so many eggs.  Such a small deterrent.



My baby girl.  I am more than thankful that there were age-groups.  Emma Marie was anxiously waiting and as soon as they yelled, “GO!” she froze.  Took her awhile to start up and she just casually walked up and gently put eggs in her basket.  She found two stuffed animals and called it a day.  Surrounded by eggs she snuggled up to those two babies and just smiled.  Pretty priceless.



Raymond’s age bracket was much more cut-throat.  There were parent’s giving game plans and kids in a track starting position.  And here my kid is just happy to be there.  Yep-this was his first real Egg Hunt as most contain nuts/gluten in our community.  I loved that he got to experience this.



He knew JUST what to do when they yelled, “GO!” and took off at a nice slow jog.  He found a couple treasures and picked up some empty Easter eggs(that had already been picked over) and called it a day.  The simple things folks.



Showing off their favorite finds.  Emma Marie is showing her baby Easter bunny and Raymond is showing off a water toy.  After hours of rides and festive Easter Egg Hunts we were famished and headed back to eat some BBQ.  Raymond and Em went through their baskets as I waited for lunch.  Since the line took awhile I was able to notice that there wasn’t anyone with the Easter Bunny when I brought the food back.  So I asked if they wanted a picture(it would be their first by themselves) and Raymond took off in that direction.  Well Em never, ever wants to be left behind and started hop/jogging after him.



She waved at the Easter Bunny but when I asked if she wanted to stand next to him she let out a firm cry.  So she stood next to me blowing kisses while I plopped Raymond up next to the bunny.  Not until I was actually looking at pictures did I notice that he had half a hamburger in his hand(while the other half was probably in his mouth-big cheeks).  Keeping it classy.


I hope you had a wonderful weekend with your family!


Do you go to community Easter Egg Hunts? Or do you prefer the classic backyard scramble?  

I grew-up with the backyard(and whole house hunts) and can say that we definitely enjoyed those-my mom was an expert hider.  So much so that we usually couldn’t find a couple for the next few weeks.  So many fond memories.


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