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Schnepf Farms Peach Festival

Today was glorious! We spent the morning going Peach Picking at one of our favorite local farms.  The weather was perfect for a long stroll to grab the biggest, juiciest peaches we could find.  Emma Marie thought the smallest ones were the best…


Schnepf Farms Peach Festival

Last year when we went Peach Picking at Schnepf Farms, it was WAY too hot and toasty to stick around.  Plus I was carrying around an extra 45 lbs-so I was HOT all the time and an emotional mess that comes with working out and not seeing any results.  But I digress…

Today was all sorts of fun! Plus Raymond and Emma Marie were begging to go back to “the real farm”, as they like to call it.



 Loved going in and saying hi to everyone.


Raymond headed right to “our bench”- where we always take one photo a trip.  Love seeing them grow through the seasons, and now years.  Today they were sending us out-way out past the normal orchards so we actually got to get back in our car and take a dirt road through the historic part of the farm to the back orchard.  I could not believe that there was no one else there.

We were able to park right next to the orchard on a dirt path so I left my backpack I had packed to the brim with supplies that would’ve been necessary on a long hike out to the usual orchard and instead just got to carry my camera and ENJOY the moment.




Raymond helped carry the crate and took off finding the PERFECT tree for picking.


We hiked to the very back of the farm and he found THE tree.


The smaller, the better… she actually picked quite a few and didn’t take a bite until after Raymond asked if he could eat one.  Thankful that this year no one took a bite out of every single peach-which led to a peach-tastrophy of ripened peaches at home that were needing to be eaten in one day.  A good problem to have-yet I’m glad we will be able to eat these over the next couple of days.


They gobbled down a peach and we headed back with our goods.


They ate through three more peaches in the car on the way home, a piece.   Loved our adventure to the farm today.  When we got home before getting a fresh batch of clothes on(for all) I cleaned out the car as they ran around with their trucks and created rock sandcastles.  Awe, the life of a kid.  Our sugar-soaked clothes are in the wash and the car is wiped down.  Now all we need is to take a trip with the whole family so that we can grab a couple more.

Messes make memories.

Sweet, sweet memories.


Do you go peach picking in the spring?  Or apple picking in the fall?


We would go apple-picking in the fall but apples are one of Raymond’s allergies(he immediately throws up upon ingesting)- hoping he grows out of that allergy because I would love to add apple-picking to our list of family traditions!