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Cityscape Background: Superhero Party

Loved having MULTIPLE backdrops for all of the Superheroes to relish in the moment at our Avengers Unite Superhero Party! Priceless to watch our little Hulk and Captain America live it up by the Avengers Cityscape we made featuring Avengers Tower.


The Avengers Cityscape is the perfect background for all of the larger than life superheroes in your life!  The DIY City takes an hour tops and is one of the easiest crafts we’ve ever created for a party-especially for how well it turned out.  While I was painting the Hulk Smash Wall, I had started the Avengers Cityscape in-between letting coats of paint dry and as I found a painting system that worked my husband took the reigns and created the rest of the buildings.



1(more would be better) Large Black Posterboard

1 Pack of Color Construction Paper

Blue Painter’s Tape

Time: 1 Hour

Cost: $5

Effect: Priceless


Step One: Assemble the Products.  Seriously, this craft is ridiculously easy.  Hopefully you are( or know) a creative mind(like my husband) who will transform the regular buildings into works of art.  I was going to go the plain old rectangle building route-nothing wrong with that by the way-but he made a much more interesting skyline.



Step Two: Cut out buildings in black paper and cut out a million(I kid) tiny yellow squares.  With the help of this small cutting board the work went by fast.  Of note: Watching The Avengers while completing the task will slow down the process, but no complaints on that call.

We taped the buildings up with blue painters tape-held fast-actually two weeks later and not one building has toppled over.



Captain America Approved



 HULK to the RESCUE!



I loved throwing our Avengers Unite Superhero Party and I think this background will make its way into another party very soon.  Both Emma Marie and Raymond have loved playing Superhero and imaginative play is one of my favorites.  Perhaps this is why two weeks after the party the backdrop is still up and is used daily.



The Hulk does in fact SMASH.  She SMASHES quite well.  And to up the cuteness when she does in fact SMASH she yells in the highest pitch voice possible, “SMASH SMASH SMASH!” Teaching her all of the most important things in life.


Anyone else have any ideas for backdrops for this DIY novice? Would love to add find another Superhero backdrop idea before Raymond’s birthday!



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