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Mom’s Night Out


This past Thursday was National Mom’s Night Out and I loved being able to invite friends over! Fabulous evening of good food, drinks, and even better company.  Definitely realized that I do not take time away, aside from business conferences, to get out and be with friends.

Chalkboard Wall complete with National Mom’s Night Out Hashtag.  Definitely get my inner-nerd blogger on when I get out the stencils and put the hashtag up.  But I LOVE.EVERY.BIT of it. #NMNO15  Our DIY chalkboard wall is the perfect background for party pictures!  I laid out an array of props-because I love a good photo-op with props.  AND so do my kids.


As the party was set to begin, my two munchkins were clad in their pajamas, freshly bathed, and relished in the fact that they could photo-bomb me.  Attack by toddler.  But I’ll take all the kisses I can get!

Our Menu:

Olive Garden Knock-Off Salad

Olive Garden Copycat Zuppa Toscana


Cheese & Crackers

Chips & Salsa



Olive Garden Knockoff Salad


Olive Garden Copycat Zuppa Toscana


Mimosas with Beech-Nut Organic



Orange Juice

Beech-Nut Organic Puree- Just Pear & Black Cherry

Honestly, you can’t really go wrong with any combination of the three above.  Delicious AND Gorgeous.  WIN.  At Mom 2.0 Summit I was lucky enough to attend a dinner with Beech-Nut.  A little more than halfway through the dinner they let us in our their secret ingredients… that’s right BABY Food.  I was shocked.  Honestly, it was great and you shouldn’t knock it until you try it!  I can’t wait to add some of their purees, that Emma Marie was brought up with, into pancakes and waffles.  What a sweet and healthy addition to one of our favorite weekly meals!  Will definitely update you with a recipe.


Iced Tea Bar


Loved the little touches- Caravan Shoppe Prints


YES- Caravan Shoppe Print




Party Favors Included- MyPrintly Grab Bags, Bicycle Playing Cards & HP Photo Paper


Beverage Bar


A couple days before the party I found out I would be having a procedure done to test a lump mere hours before.  I put a Hail Mary call to the girls about sweet treats and they brought lots of fabulous goodies!  Seriously, so much yum!  Those professional looking cupcakes are ten times better tasting than they look- and they look GOOD.  She is on a hiatus through the summer but locals- check out Simply Sweets!



So very thankful that after a rough day and an incredibly stressful week-that I could sit down with these ladies and just be.  Listen, share, and eat.  What more could a girl ask for?  It has been WAY too long since I’ve hosted a get together like this and I definitely plan on doing it more than once a year now.

Moms need a break more than once a year.

When was the last time you were able to get a night out?   Do you schedule that it in regularly?


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