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Star Spangled Marshmallows Recipe

Perfect treat for Memorial Day and the Fourth of July- Star Spangled Marshmallows!  Loved that this sweet treat hit the spot with our guests, young and old.  Thankful that a I made these the day before the party as there was a slight learning curve for me.  Don’t worry- with these tips you will have delicious and STAR-TASTIC treats for your next holiday bash.



Star Spangled Marshmallows


Camp Size Bag of Marshmallows

Paper Straws

Candy Melts- One Pound Bag of Each Color- Red and Dark Blue 

Parchment Paper or Wax Paper- Two Sheets Will Work

I wanted an allergy-friendly option for my gluten-free, nut-free, egg-free, preschooler to munch on and BOY did I find a keeper.  I grabbed a Camp Size Bag of Marshmallows(who knew those even existed???) and two bags of candy melts(in the decoration aisle, not baking section) and used some sturdy paper straws.  HINT: Do not use plastic- they slide right off.

You will need to actually read the directions on the Candy Melts to melt them.  Please don’t make my mistake and glance at them while throwing them in a glass jar in the microwave.  They can and will BURN and turn black.  Not exactly the look I was going for.  Thankfully I just used about 1/3 of the one pound bags and could throw out that first batch.

After warming the Blue Candy Melts you will make a hole with your paper straw in the marshmallow and then remove the straw.  Place the marshmallow side down(the one with the hole) into the Blue Candy Melt. I let the residual candy drip off then placed the marshmallow blue side up on a baking sheet.  I then IMMEDIATELY stuck the straw back in through the blue candy.  This helps the straw stick as the candy dries and you don’t have to worry about cracking the candy goodness if you put the straw in later on.

Let dry. I was doing multiple party-prep items so this wasn’t so much me watching the candy dry as it was me multitasking.

Thirty minutes later(approximately) I warmed up the Red Candy Melts-the right way- and was able to hold onto the marshmallow part below the blue candy and dip it straight into the red candy.  You do not want to use the straw to dip from because the excess Red Candy Melt sometimes is a bit too much weight and there could be a straw-tastrophy.

I kid.  But really.  Hold from the marshmallow.



You will then want to place the Red Candy Melt side down on your Parchment Paper or Wax Paper- I used one of each because either I was helping you all out or I ran out of both and used what I had…

Putting the Red Candy Melt side down on a baking sheet or glassware will cause the red to stick to the sheet or glass and will cause you to either ruin your marshmallow entirely OR you can simply re-do the red with the 1/3 Red Candy Melts that you have left.


Steep learning curve for this novice.  But with these helpful hints you will be able to avoid my mistakes.  These were the BIGGEST hit with the kids.  So much so that I will always make a batch of color coordinated marshmallows for any and all future parties.

Star Spangled Marshmallows

We used these for our Avengers Unite Superhero Party.  BUT the supplies are bought to make a batch for Memorial Day and of course our Fourth of July BBQ.  This treat is seriously cheap and non-messy for those pesky preschoolers that like to get ooey-gooey chocolate all over EVERYTHING.  Or for that matter… adults that don’t want sticky fingers.

I know there are some of you out there that know what I’m talking about.

Memorial Day Marshmallows


Captain America Approved.

Any festive ideas to spice up our Memorial Day and Fourth of July BBQ plans?

Would love to try a new recipe! Thanks for sharing!