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Messes Make Memories

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Deep Thinking

I am a firm believer that Messes Make Memories.  Not one of my favorite memories from growing up involves being inside…well, there was that time we had laser guns, chest pads, and the best babysitter ever. BUT- my favorite memories revolve around water and being outside.  Kind of ironic seeing as we now reside in the Valley of the Sun. But I try my hardest to get the kids outside every day- splash pads, water park, zoo trips, riding bikes to the park.

Messes make memories.

We brought home half of the beach in our car and shoes.  Memories of chasing the waves for hours, shoo shooing the sea gulls, “popping” the kelp bulbs, and building the biggest kingdom of sand castles known to man.


I try to live in the moment as much as possible.  Bringing out my big girl camera calls for a special occasion as then I do not get to be “present”.  I hide behind my big lens.  Capturing the moments I hold dear, yet escaping proof of my presence.


Memories On the Go

I am especially grateful for being able to take clear pictures without busting out the BIG GUNS with the DSLR every day.  Aside from saving over $1,800 this year with Walmart Family Mobile and being able to afford a trip to California to see family and visit the Happiest Place on Earth… clear pictures are pivotal.

Grainy pictures? I ain’t got time for that.


BIG Wave Alert

Raymond and Emma Marie spent FOUR days in the sand.  Bundled up in the morning as it was quite chilly-yet both of them CHOSE to run in the waves, chase the sea foam, and get soaked.  This made my heart so happy, as someone who grew up in the Pacific Northwest and swam in the freezing Sound(on purpose).

My kids love it just like I do.


Of course it helped that I had a hot chai tea in my hands to help ease the burn that was that cold water. SO SO COLD.  Yet we ran into the waves, jumped on “three”(not after, on three-because I know you were wondering) and then ran away again.  Hours and Hours.


Chasing Waves

I taught Raymond how to watch the swells.  He learned how to count the waves so that he could see if a Power Set was rolling in.  He would LOUDLY declare to the beach, ” BIG WAVE- run away, run away!!!” and proceed to shoo Emma Marie and I up toward the dry sand before the Big Set rolled in.

This pleased the life guard on duty as we were the only ones brave enough to get in the water most mornings.

You’re welcome big guy.


Sand in Our Toes

My favorite memories as a child were of camping out by the river, swimming in the Sound, and playing on the lake. My heart feels full when I can watch my children cherish the water as much as I did.

Sandy lunches were eaten. Naps weren’t taken.  But I didn’t hear one complaint. Not one single complaint.  For a mother of a one(almost two year old) and threenager you can color me impressed.

Nature will always win over technology.


I am thankful that we were able to save up enough to make this trip.  To make these memories.  Two months ago thanks to the easiest switch we’ve ever done… we made this all possible.


We switched to the Walmart Family Mobile service at $29.88/month (for the first line) Unlimited Talk, Text & Data service plan which includes up to 1G of 4G LTE data.   Our Alcatel Evolve 2 phone is perfect for all of my social media needs AND for capturing the precious family memories. I picked it up at my neighborhood Walmart two months ago and have been incredibly pleased with not worrying about dropped calls or grainy pictures.

Disclaimer: All prices for phones and plans included in this post are accurate as of the date of posting; however, these prices are subject to change. Please refer to THIS or your local Walmart for current pricing.

On our trip to California we also got to visit the Happiest Place on Earth. I decided to forgo the DSLR and just went with my Fanny Pack and Phone. I wanted to live in the moment and just BE with my family.  I also wanted to be IN the picture!

Moms & Dads we need to be IN the picture more.  



Sweet Memories.

Messes make Memories.

I know how messy we got as I just finished the fifth load of laundry from our trip.  I know that my car is begging to be vacuumed out as piles of sand sit beneath both car seats and covers the back thoroughly.  I know as I glance back through the pictures that we had the time of our lives.  We relished in our time together and could just BE.

Our plans for this Memorial Day are to go to the lake and host a BBQ.  Lots of favorite treats like the Star Spangled Marshmallows and of course the Slip N Slide. Water AND Mud? Everyone wins.  Except for the washer.

If we were still out in California I would love to spend the day in the water, thoroughly dousing ourselves in salt water, and end the day with a bonfire while roasting s’mores.

I just shared how I capture our messy memories.

What are your favorite childhood memories? What are your plans for the upcoming holiday?

Leave a comment and let me know!