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The BEST Cold Brew Iced Coffee Recipe


The BEST Cold Brew Iced Coffee


1 ½ Cups of ground coffee

3 Tbsp. of ground cinnamon

6 Cups of water

Pour ingredients in to large glass jar.  Stir well, soaking all of the grounds and mixing up the cinnamon.


Cold Brew Mix

Let stand in your refrigerator for 18-24 hours.  We always make a double batch so that we don’t run out of our precious cold brew.  There is a distinct taste difference if you don’t wait the allotted time.

You will need to strain the coffee from the jar.  We use a real filter with an added paper coffee filter placed inside for double the straining power.  We prefer the smooth taste with two filters- but you can definitely use the filter out of your coffee pot, a paper filter, or a french press.


Coffee Cup Convert

We use mason jars as glasses in our house.  Did so before Pinterest was invented…

Fill up your glass with ice.  


Pure Cold Brew Coffee

Pour the cold brew coffee over your ice.  Enjoy.


The Winning Combination

For those with a sweet tooth add in your favorite creamer– my favorite is Sweet Cream-all natural and delicious!


Bliss in a Jar

Stir & Enjoy!

As we head into the summer months this has become our morning favorite!  But I am pretty sure I am a full-blown cold brew coffee convert.  It tastes perfect.  Plus, this saves us a TON of money on fancy drinks that we used to buy elsewhere.  Now we make better tasting coffee at home.


What is your favorite coffee add-in?  Or do you prefer unsweetened cold brew?

Have you tried making cold brew coffee before?


Let me know if you have any questions!  Would LOVE to hear from you!


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