Daily Archives: June 29, 2015

Time is No Mother’s Friend

Time is no mother’s friend.  No parent’s friend for that matter.  I sit here a mother of two little ones that are growing up and I just can’t deal.  I’ve been told time and again to cherish every moment.


Time is No Mother’s Friend

That is much easier said, than done.  I don’t cherish the time outs, the skirmishes between the two, the countless nights of sleep I didn’t get.

But I do cherish the moments after the time outs, the ones where they softly apologize for what happened, give big gracious hugs, and mean it from the bottom of their hearts.  There is no lying, no deceit- just pure innocence.

I do cherish the times where they relish in each other’s presence.  Reading to one another, playing games, and making sure they are all right when someone gets hurt.

I cherish the nights that I get to once again tuck in my little man who just needed an extra hug.

I cherish the nights that our little girl needs just one more cuddle or just a little more rocking until she is ready for bed.



I’ve worked hard on filling our days with activities, learning games, and art projects.  But sometimes no plans are when the most precious of memories are made.

I sit here with tears in my eyes, hardly recognizing the fact that in a few short months there will be a two and three year old in our house.  No more babies for our family.

I wasn’t prepared to close the chapter of babies as we always planned on three.  Unfortunately, my heart has made the decision for us and our sweet family of four is complete.

I am beyond grateful that we have two sweet children.


Time is cruel.

It feels like just yesterday I was pushing them both in the stroller at the zoo.

If feels like just yesterday I was giving Raymond a baby to practice being “gentle” with as he was the Incredible Hulk of an eighteen month old.

In a few short weeks Raymond will be in school.

Those words are glorious and incredibly saddening.

How can my baby, the one who made me a mom, be old enough for school?  Will he be safe?  Will he go into anaphylactic shock?  Will the other kids be kind?  Will he love learning as much as he does now?

As he enters school, for the first time Emma Marie and I will have weekly Mommy & Me time.

Our time is short with them.  I am thankful that I have been there for everything, the good, bad, and the exhausting.

They are only little once.

We are well on our way to Pee Wee Soccer Teams and filling up our social calendar with activities for our two active kids and I just am trying to hold on to the last little bits of the smallness.

Someday Raymond might not want to hold my hand and skip through the parking lot.

Someday he might not stop, “Because this is OUR song Mom!” and dance with me-at the store-kid’s club-a party.

Someday Emma Marie’s sass may be biting.  Her words may hurt.  Right now the, “I love you’s” and demands for hugs and kisses are being stockpiled in my heart.

Time may be no mother’s friend. But I am not waiting or wishing away any moments.

They are only little, once.

And it is true- ALL OF IT.

Cherish every moment you can.