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Our Fourth of July


Our Fourth of July

This past weekend we spent time with our loved ones.  Relishing in quality time.  My sister and her family surprised us and drove over to the desert from their new home in California.  All the cousins together is priceless.  Ages” 3 1/2, 3, Almost 2, and 1 1/2.  Definitely love these ages.



Nana & the Grandkids

The Splashpad was a saving grace as the weather was a bit toasty-as it’s known to be here in the Valley of the Sun.  Everyone got soaked each trip.


Raymond Running the Gauntlet


Emma Marie & Nana


Daring M


Adventurous Baby K



Emma Marie

Emma Marie was just a bit too scared on our first trip to this new splashpad.  The bucket dumping the water was LOUD.  With some encouragement from Nana though, she was soon running circles through the water!


Family of Four

With more hands there was time for an actual family photo.  Thankful for the rare moments where we can freeze time.


Best Friends

Emma Marie is smitten with her new love.  Abby is her favorite thing in this world.  And now that the husband has seen what loving a pet can do-melted his heart-he is researching places for when we decide to grow our family.  That’s right.  Soon we will be a family of five.


Future Soccer Players

You may remember Raymond’s first soccer camp experience.  Well, now he takes any time he can to grab a ball and play soccer.  He even color-commentates his own flare.  Priceless.


Throwing the cupcake for Abby.  Anything for Abby.


My mom’s house is now fondly called the One Horse Ranch.


Flying on the Fourth


One Horse Ranch


The Fourth of July ended on a sweet note. S’MORES.  We made a fire pit and set right out making the best S’mores known to man.  Of course Raymond requested his Rice Crispy S’more and who was I to say no?

Delicious.  Plus watching Emma Marie and Raymond spy the fireworks from Nana’s backyard will go down as definitely one of our favorite summer memories.



Loved our weekend spent with those that we hold most dear.

Hope you all had a wonderful and safe Fourth of July weekend!


Did you stay up for fireworks?

What was your favorite part of the holiday?

Would love to hear from you!