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Our Babywearing Adventures: LILLEbaby COMPLETE

In the crazy world of parenting there are a lot of opinions.  All of them matter and yet at the same time- none of them.  We each need to figure out exactly what works for us and our family.  Every family is different.  When we became pregnant everyone knew what was right and what we should do.  Everyone all of the sudden had an opinion.  That was both overwhelming and somewhat helpful.  I realized people were not honestly trying to derail our starry-eyed plans as parents, but to try to help us sift through the mountains of baby gear that lay before us.



Adventure’s in Babywearing

Our budget was minimal.  We even did the old-fashioned cloth diapering until we were able to afford the all-in-one variety.  You know those cloth diapers that you pin with REAL pins and then put plastic pants(that resemble a shower curtain) over? No? Google is your friend.

I am beyond thankful for being able to own twelve all-in-one cloth diapers and now that we have the option to grab Huggies when we need to for vacations(trips to see family).  It is an option now financially.

When I was looking at carriers years ago I just went to the Big Box Stores and saw the (sad amount) displayed.  I did not know of this wonderful world of babywearing parents and therefore tried to ask the store clerks for their help.  Many without children of their own just pointed to the most expensive one on the shelf and said that the majority get that one.  Well, they all looked the same back four years ago in BabiesR’US.

We grabbed one and thought that all baby carriers were alike.


Two kids, four years, and 6 baby carriers later I can now firmly attest that, “NO, they are not all alike.”

We live in the desert with temperatures ranging from 20F to 125F.  Not all baby carriers work in this type of climate range.  You can only take off so many layers until the Police are called…


Temperature Control Panel FOR THE WIN

Thankfully I’ve found my true love that lets me just zip-down the temperature control panel to expose the cool mesh.  I’ve spent the last four years searching for something that I could use for both newborns through toddlerdom in this heat-that could also be used in the biting cold.  I’ve worn one of my children every year at Zoolights for the past four years.  Being able to bundle them up and carry them safely is incredibly important.


Too Cool for School

The past three months Emma Marie and I put the LILLEbaby Complete to good use.  Hiking through the foothills in the sticky heat with temperatures soaring well into the 100s proved to be a thrilling adventure.  The sweet mesh relief made it possible for us to get out in the Valley of the Sun.


Hiking Champs

We can’t hide for three months indoors.  We would ALL go crazy.

I’ve worn her for three hours at a time on long shopping excursions-hello Ikea, looking right at you, with your blasting AC, frozen yogurt, and my need for an office space- and guess what?  Three hours worn and not an ounce of pain in my shoulders, hips, OR back.  Little Miss is 26 lbs strong and is almost TWO.  But a cart in Ikea(they really aren’t that kid friendly) for that length of time would be painful in itself.  WHY do those carts travel sideways? I feel like Ross yelling, “PIVOT,” each time I bank for a turn.


Close to the Heart

Oh and my little girl LOVES to fall asleep in the inward infant carry position.  Cuddle til we die. I will take a napping toddler over an overtired monster in a cart ALL DAY EVERY DAY.

Seriously, if I could go out and buy one for all of my dear friends with littles and soon to be littles I would.


LILLEbaby Complete


You can wear your itty-bitty squishy baby from 7lbs-45lbs in the LILLEbaby Complete.  There are SIX possible positions you can carry and the mesh is a make it or break it for me.

My baby’s are cranky when they are hungry, tired, or hot.  The option of the mesh just solved one of the three… and the fact that they BOTH fell asleep when I carried them takes care of another….


Two Birds. One Baby Carrier.

So what I’m really is saying: two birds-one baby carrier.

Beyond thankful. I’ve been #babywearing since I became a momma close to four years ago. Nothing comes close in terms of comfort for both little and I – ESPECIALLY in this HEAT. Seriously, I’ve taken three months to wear Emma Marie in the hottest of hot hiking, through tours of Ikea, and sleeping successfully by the campfire. I really wanted to take the time to see how this beauty held up in the heat. The zip-down temperature control panel WORKS. Hiking in 105 degree heat and not getting overheated(Em or I) is IMPORTANT. Plus the fact that I’ve carried her 26lbs of cuteness for hours on end and my hips and back didn’t care. Completely worth the investment. Hands down. Look for a full review #ontheblog soon! #LILLElove #LILLEbaby #LOVEMyLILLE #momlife

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And chalk it up to awesomeness.  My husband is over on our Youtube Channel debunking a few babywearing myths! I asked him what he thought of baby carriers PRE-babies, are they worth it, and what would you tell yourself four years ago.  Loved his honesty.  Click Here >>> Adventure’s in Babywearing: Husband’s Perspective.

Please check out the LILLEbaby Love Facebook Group -they are incredibly wonderful about helping choose a carrier AND with the fit and position that’s right for you and YOUR baby.  I’ve loved watching parents empowering one another.  So refreshing to see a community build each other up instead of tearing one another down.

Did you/Do you babywear your little one?

I’ve loved every second of our adventure’s in babywearing. Would love to hear your experience!

Plus feel free to comment below with any questions.



Thank you to LILLEbaby for sending me this sweet carrier.  I am now and forever will be a LILLElove fan.

All opinions as always are 100% my own.