Daily Archives: July 21, 2015

First Day of Preschool Letter

How can it be?  How can the boy that made me a mother be in school?  Time is not a mother’s friend.  Time goes by too fast.  As I sit here before your first day at school I am a mix of emotions, but mostly I want you to know just how proud we are of the young gentleman you’ve become.

Dear Raymond,

You are a bundle of excitement that can not be contained today.  You keep asking when we are leaving for school and are most notably thrilled to play with your friends.  I am awash with emotions.  I am beyond thrilled that you will be in a safe environment with children your own age, learning and playing.  Socialization is incredibly important.  You long to be independent and we hope that you thrive in this new school.

I am hoping with all hope that the steps we’ve taken to keep you safe will endure.  That peanut butter hands do not find you.  That you will not be jammed in the leg by a life-saving medicine by your teacher. A teacher who is doing everything in her power to keep you safe.  I know that without a doubt.  I am hoping if that happens that one or two Epi-Pens are enough. It has to be.

I am hoping that the classroom parents are understanding and not hurtful.  How in the world is a cupcake worth more than a child’s life?  As a former teacher I KNOW how important being in school is, truly.  I am just hoping that we’ve made the right decision for you.  That we do not look back on this day in tears.


You are a bright young man.  You care about other’s feelings and make sure that they are tended to.  You do not understand hate.  It is incomprehensible to you that other’s can have such biting anger.  May that ignorance to the harsh world endure a bit longer.  May you always question the cruelty of others.

You love singing and dancing.  You are going to relish the time to get up and get your boogie on.  May you always dance with your heart wide open.




You are going to LOVE school.  You already love school.  Back to School Night was a hit in your eyes and you keep talking about your teachers and what you are going to do.  I can’t wait to hear about what you learned today, about your friends, and about the fun.  Life should be a little bit more fun.

Love Always,