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S’more Fun with the Cousins #NationalSmoresDay

Happy National S’mores Day Friends!  One of our true family favorite treats involve sitting around a fire pit and making massive rice crispy s’mores!  We use rice crispy’s as a replacement for the usual honey graham cracker as it contains gluten which would render our son a stay in the hospital.  BUT unlike usual replacements for food-allergens these are DELICIOUSLY decadent and most definitely BETTER than the original.


That’s right.  I said it.


Rice Crispy S’more


Original S’mores Fans- eat your hearts out!

Last weekend we were able to make the trek across the mountains to visit our sweet nieces in San Diego.  After a two-trip day to the beach we were able to settle in for a delicious assortment of s’mores with the cousins.



Emma Marie was just a tad excited about some quality “camping time” with her favorite cousins.  She loved curling up in those chairs next to the two puppies.


My two sweet nieces watching as the fire was started.  My sister did some magic and readied their patio with a large tin we used for a fire pit.  Definitely a Parent Win!




Kai and the Clean-up Crew that went home hungry.


Makena and the perfect toddler treat!


Fastest S’more Disappearing Act. EVER.


Sweetest Sisters


Serious Conversations

Serious conversations happen around the fire.

Tonight we are breaking out the s’mores supplies and roasting up a couple CAMPFIRE sized marshmallows complete with chocolate melted between a smooth layer of the sweetest rice crispy treats known to mankind.  Go grab yourself some supplies and toast away friends! #NationalSmoresDay

DO you plan on making s’mores soon?

What are your favorite recipes or flavor additions to the traditional s’more?