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Sweet Pink Treats: Party Favorites

Sweet Pink Treats were definitely a party favorite for Emma Marie’s Minnie Mouse inspired Second Birthday.  The treats are easy to personalize according to your birthday party theme and even more delicious than they look! Promise.



Minnie Mouse Birthday Treats

The adults actually gravitate toward rice crispy treats… except for the fact that no one enjoys sticky finger syndrome upon downing a few of the little squares.  Enter Rice Crispy Treats on a stick, er paper straw.  Everyone wins.  Add in some extra sugar, chocolate, and a dash of sprinkles? Clearly the fan favorite.


Rice Crispy Sweet Treats

Big Box Store Box of Rice Crispy Treats-Or Homemade

Paper Straws

Candy Melts- One Pound Bag- Pink

Chocolate Candy Melts-One Pound Bag-White

Sprinkles-Your Choice

Parchment Paper or Wax Paper- Two Sheets Will Work



DIY Sweet Treats Recipe

I wanted an allergy-friendly option for my gluten-free, nut-free, egg-free- family to be able to munch on and BOY did I find a keeper.  I grabbed a LARGE box of rice crispy treats and two bags of candy melts(in the decoration aisle, not baking section) and used some sturdy paper straws.

HINT: Do not use plastic- they slide right off.

Slide the straws on FIRST.  Then make sure you have small glass bowls to properly heat the candy melts to the desired texture.  Heat according to the directions-please-as they will spontaneously combust in your microwave.  Mom fail.

After stirring the warmed(not hot) candy melts with a spoon to get a smooth texture make sure that you have your wax paper properly laid out.

After dipping and treats in the mixture you can wipe off the excess with a spoon, finger, or on the side of the bowl-whatever works for you.

Then before you set it down you want to dip your creation into a low sided bowl or tray filled evenly with sprinkles.  This is of course the messy part… and it doesn’t need to be perfect to taste amazing.


Finally simply place your Sweet Pink Treats on the wax paper in the standing position(carefully) and let them harden for an hour or so before moving.


DIY Sweet Treats

I make the treats the day before and simply place them in tupperware and plastic ziplock bags to store so that they do not get stale.

Anything you can make the day BEFORE the party is a WIN in my book.

Loved how these looked for our little girl’s Minnie Mouse Inspired Birthday! Plus it was even sweeter that all of the adults flocked to them and sticky fingers no more! Just another reason for my love of paper straws…


What sweet treats do you serve at parties?  Would love to hear from you!