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Sweet Pink Treats: Party Favorites

Sweet Pink Treats were definitely a party favorite for Emma Marie’s Minnie Mouse inspired Second Birthday.  The treats are easy to personalize according to your birthday party theme and even more delicious than they look! Promise.



Minnie Mouse Birthday Treats

The adults actually gravitate toward rice crispy treats… except for the fact that no one enjoys sticky finger syndrome upon downing a few of the little squares.  Enter Rice Crispy Treats on a stick, er paper straw.  Everyone wins.  Add in some extra sugar, chocolate, and a dash of sprinkles? Clearly the fan favorite.


Rice Crispy Sweet Treats

Big Box Store Box of Rice Crispy Treats-Or Homemade

Paper Straws

Candy Melts- One Pound Bag- Pink

Chocolate Candy Melts-One Pound Bag-White

Sprinkles-Your Choice

Parchment Paper or Wax Paper- Two Sheets Will Work



DIY Sweet Treats Recipe

I wanted an allergy-friendly option for my gluten-free, nut-free, egg-free- family to be able to munch on and BOY did I find a keeper.  I grabbed a LARGE box of rice crispy treats and two bags of candy melts(in the decoration aisle, not baking section) and used some sturdy paper straws.

HINT: Do not use plastic- they slide right off.

Slide the straws on FIRST.  Then make sure you have small glass bowls to properly heat the candy melts to the desired texture.  Heat according to the directions-please-as they will spontaneously combust in your microwave.  Mom fail.

After stirring the warmed(not hot) candy melts with a spoon to get a smooth texture make sure that you have your wax paper properly laid out.

After dipping and treats in the mixture you can wipe off the excess with a spoon, finger, or on the side of the bowl-whatever works for you.

Then before you set it down you want to dip your creation into a low sided bowl or tray filled evenly with sprinkles.  This is of course the messy part… and it doesn’t need to be perfect to taste amazing.


Finally simply place your Sweet Pink Treats on the wax paper in the standing position(carefully) and let them harden for an hour or so before moving.


DIY Sweet Treats

I make the treats the day before and simply place them in tupperware and plastic ziplock bags to store so that they do not get stale.

Anything you can make the day BEFORE the party is a WIN in my book.

Loved how these looked for our little girl’s Minnie Mouse Inspired Birthday! Plus it was even sweeter that all of the adults flocked to them and sticky fingers no more! Just another reason for my love of paper straws…


What sweet treats do you serve at parties?  Would love to hear from you!

Minnie Mouse Birthday Party Ideas

The BEST Minnie Mouse Birthday Ideas that were literally toddler approved.  Emma Marie had a say in all of the details all the way down to the gift bags and treats.  Her two requests for this sweet family party held at my mom’s house were: that there were Minnie Decorations and that we sang her, “Happy Birthday,”.

Mission accomplished.

Minnie Mouse Birthday Party Ideas

Emma Marie loved ringing in her real birthday surrounded by sweets, Minnie, and MOST importantly family.  That tasty little delecatble came from Super Target- they now sell these fancy cupcakes individually- which is perfect for this food-allergy family.  Emma Marie was able to dive into this sweetness while the rest of the treats were peanut, egg, and gluten-free.  Mom Win.


Minnie Mouse Birthday Party


Happy Birthday


Second Birthday Celebration

Emma Marie loves everything PINK-PURPLE- and SPARKLY! So that gold balloon from Petite Party Studio hit it out of the park.  Along with some custom sparkles from Mindy Alyse Celebrations that I saved from our Disney Valentine’s Day Party.  Those rings were SO much fun and can be found at Target-plus they are erasers.

cake-topper-for-minnie-mouse-birthday-party-treatsMinnie Mouse Party Cake Garland c/o Mindy Alyse Celebrations

Rice Crispy Treats are an allergy-mom’s friend.  Seriously, they are delicious and EASY to make(or buy).  Simply cut them into small, bite-sized squares for a fun display.  As we decided against a cake(allergy-friendly) I loved being able to add this cake garland to up my decorating game.  Simple and gorgeous.

Minnie Mouse Party Popcorn

Minnie Mouse Popcorn definitely was a fun treat.  Picked up some red popcorn containers at World Market and popped some allergy-safe popcorn.  Fill and enjoy!  

Minnie Mouse Marshmallows

Emma Marie specifically asked for some marshmallows for her party so I was more than happy to whip up a couple of Minnie Approved variations.  Thankfully with some fun chocolate, candy melts, and sprinkles we were able to create her dream array of goodies.  Definitely loved how our original marshmallows turned out for our Avengers Superhero Party.  All parties should include GIANT candy-covered marshmallows.

I hereby declare it so ordered.


Minnie Mouse Rice Crispy Tasty Creations

The adults actually gravitate toward rice crispy treats… except for the fact that no one enjoys sticky finger syndrome upon downing a few of the little squares.  Enter Rice Crispy Treats on a stick, er paper straw.  Everyone wins.  Add in some extra sugar, chocolate, and a dash of sprinkles? Clearly the fan favorite.


Minnie Mouse Crispy Treats

Meeska! Mooska! Mickey Mouse!

Minnie Mouse Birthday Party Invitation

Scrolling through Etsy I was overjoyed to find SweetSimplySouthern and her adorable Minnie Mouse Invites!  Invitations are what I use to save that moment in time and this called for a little Mickey Magic.

The Cupcake


Minnie Mouse Custom Balloons

While we were in San Diego visiting family and celebrating Emma Marie’s birthday with her California Cousins her sweet Aunt and Uncle gave Emma Marie a bunch of Minnie Mouse inspired surprises including these awesome balloons.  Emma was smitten.

Cupcake Smash Set-up


Cupcake Smash

Ever the careful eater, Emma Marie loved taste-testing the frosting… although she really thought those candles should’ve been edible.

Happy Birthday

Emma Marie loved being sung to throughout her birthday celebrations of Star Wars, California, and epic Minnie Mouse Party on her actual birthday. One lucky little lady.

Hot Diggity Doghot-diggity-dog-mickey-mouse-birthday-party-food-hot-dog-bar

Hot Diggity Dog Hot Dog Bar

For the meal we devoured some turkey hot dogs, and fancy cheese, spice infused brauts from Costco.  Definitely loved being able to sing the Hot Dog Song with Emma Marie… Plus munching on some allergy-friendly Pirate Booty, Chips & Salsa, and Veggie Platter.

Cold Brew Coffee Bar

Definitely will be making a couple more quarts for our next celebration.  Our Cold Brew definitely disappeared the fastest. Check out our recipe for The BEST Cold Brew Coffee. Hands-down the best I’ve tasted.


The BEST Cold Brew Iced Coffee

It tastes perfect.  Plus, this saves us a TON of money on fancy drinks that we used to buy elsewhere.  Now we make better tasting coffee at home.

mickey-mouse-minnie-mouse-printable-party-favor-signOh Toodles Party Favors



Minnie Mouse Clubhouse Party Favors

I loved putting together a little bag FULL of goodies that everyone could take home.  Our family and friends were able to grab a little something on the way out thanks to Toodles!


Happy Birthday Sweet Baby Girl!

Time is going by WAY too fast!  Says ever parent, ever.  I know.  But it’s true.  All of it.

I loved sharing our little family party!

Do your little ones weigh in on their birthdays?  Emma Marie definitely has an opinion.  She either wants exactly what her big brother wants-like a Star Wars Birthday- or something entirely all to her own.

Two. #ThisIStwo

Dark Rising- Book Review

Monica McGurk has done it again!  In Dark Rising: Book Two of the Archangel Prophecies is sure to keep you up at night. A good book is hard to come by-and a good series? Ever rarer.  Last year I was able to dive right into Dark Hope: Book One of the Archangel Prophecies.  It kindly reminded me why I loved to read and that I needed to carve out some “me time” to ensure my sanity endured.


Dark Rising- Book Review

As a mother to two young souls it is all too easy to get lost in the To Do lists, the chaos that comes with two kids, albeit a lovely chaos, can be overwhelming.  Good books remind me that I do need to make myself a priority.  I love to read and the instant I find a book that sparks that love- I can’t put it down.  For those with young ones that don’t sleep in, sleep is a treat, a true treasure to cherish.  So please note that although I do love sleep.  More than once I’ve been caught up until 3AM clutching a book.  The only times I relent are when my arthritic hands can hold the book no more.


Dark Rising- Book Review

Dark Rising: Book Two of the Archangel Prophecies is a new young adult saga about the love between a human and an archangel.  Book Two starts off shortly after Dark Hope and you are transported through sub-sequences and race across Europe trying to save the world.  The ending was abrupt.  Just like the end to that blockbuster movie that you know is filming a sequel… you just need to know what happens next.  And thankfully Monica McGurk plans on publishing the final installment of Dark Before Dawn in 2016.  Thankfully.



Dark Rising- Book Review

I truly love when an Author uses their voice to support a cause.  Monica McGurk stands against human trafficking and has donated to organizations that fight human trafficking, especially the sexual trafficking of minors, from every sale of her books: Dark Hope & Dark Rising.

In her writing she makes it painfully obvious how widespread the issue of human trafficking is.  It’s everywhere.  The dirty, little truth in America and Europe.  The painful reality of a real issue.


Dark Rising- Book Review

Once again Monica McGurk added an Author Q & A at the end… something that I wish ALL authors would do.  Some of my biggest questions were answered and explained.

My biggest question?

Q: Do you already know how Hope and Michael’s story will end?


No spoiler alerts here.  You will have to go grab a copy for yourself, STAT.  This old softy wants a happy ending…

OR you could just win a copy.


Now YOU can take a little time out with this marvelous book!  Monica McGurk is giving away one hard copy of Dark Rising: Book Two of the Archangel Prophecies to one of my readers!
Enter via Rafflecopter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

You can connect with  Author Monica McGurk on TWITTER, PINTEREST, and FACEBOOK for all of the latest news and announcements.

Where do you sit down to read?  School pick-up line?  After everyone else is asleep?  

I prefer to read in the quiet of night.  No distractions.

Star Wars Asteroid Cookies

Asteroid Cookies from a galaxy, far, far away.  The biggest hit unbeknownst to us for our Star Wars: Bantha Milk & Cookie Bar were the Asteroid Cookies.  Delectable, little treats that were gobbled up by the masses.  Easy to make and even easier to destroy an entire plateful(not that I would know anything about that).



Star Wars Asteroid Cookies

Shopping List:

Rice Crispies Individually Wrapped-big box store purchase

Brown Chocolate Waffers-Party Supply Section of Walmart

Graham Cracker Sprinkles-Starbucks Purchase


Star Wars Birthday Party Ideas


-Cut individually wrapped rice crispies into fours.  On baking sheet layer wax paper on top and roll the pieces into circles.  Imperfections appreciated.  These are asteroids we are talking about.

-Melt the Brown Chocolate Waffers CORRECTLY.  Learn from my mistakes.  Read the label and melt accordingly.  They can and will BURN.  Once they are properly warmed, use a spoon to get a smooth texture in your small, glass bowl.

-Dip and roll your asteroids until you get the coverage desired.

-Sprinkle on the graham cracker crust, immediately, as the melts do start to harden fast.

-Place the asteroid on the baking sheet that is layered with wax paper.  Again, learn from my mistakes.




Time Spent: 5-10 minutes

This will now always be a part of ALL parties that we host.  Seriously underestimated how the adults would enjoy the sweet taste of childhood long forgotten.  Our Bantha Milk & Cookies Bar was definitely a hit.  I also enjoyed not making any sides OR actual meal options.  Perhaps we cookie bars hold the future and my sanity.

So friends always remember:

Rice Crispies RULE.  

Especially when covered in chocolate with a graham cracker crust.

Do you know of an easy cookie that is always a crowd pleaser?  Would love to add a couple more to the list for future(all) parties that may or may not be centered around a cookie bar.


Don’t forget to check out this DIY Lightsaber that doubles as a Party Favor.

S’more Fun with the Cousins #NationalSmoresDay

Happy National S’mores Day Friends!  One of our true family favorite treats involve sitting around a fire pit and making massive rice crispy s’mores!  We use rice crispy’s as a replacement for the usual honey graham cracker as it contains gluten which would render our son a stay in the hospital.  BUT unlike usual replacements for food-allergens these are DELICIOUSLY decadent and most definitely BETTER than the original.


That’s right.  I said it.


Rice Crispy S’more


Original S’mores Fans- eat your hearts out!

Last weekend we were able to make the trek across the mountains to visit our sweet nieces in San Diego.  After a two-trip day to the beach we were able to settle in for a delicious assortment of s’mores with the cousins.



Emma Marie was just a tad excited about some quality “camping time” with her favorite cousins.  She loved curling up in those chairs next to the two puppies.


My two sweet nieces watching as the fire was started.  My sister did some magic and readied their patio with a large tin we used for a fire pit.  Definitely a Parent Win!




Kai and the Clean-up Crew that went home hungry.


Makena and the perfect toddler treat!


Fastest S’more Disappearing Act. EVER.


Sweetest Sisters


Serious Conversations

Serious conversations happen around the fire.

Tonight we are breaking out the s’mores supplies and roasting up a couple CAMPFIRE sized marshmallows complete with chocolate melted between a smooth layer of the sweetest rice crispy treats known to mankind.  Go grab yourself some supplies and toast away friends! #NationalSmoresDay

DO you plan on making s’mores soon?

What are your favorite recipes or flavor additions to the traditional s’more?

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