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Turtle POWER: TMNT Halloween Costume

Growing up my family was ALL about Ninja Turtles.  In a time where girls were not supposed to be rough and tumble- we went against all of those notions and just liked what we liked.  Beyond thankful for a mother that let us be who we were!  Ninja Turtles embody what it is to be a sibling, support system, and YES they can get on each other’s nerves.


Now as a mother I am working on letting both of my kids become who they truly want to be.  I want them to be kind, compassionate, and always be there for each other.

Raymond plays with everything-toys-dirt-you name it-he loves it.  As we welcomed a little girl into our family we were blessed with loads of wonderful pink and purple toys and clothes.  It came to our attention that Raymond’s new favorite color was pink.

Well, that made a couple of my friend’s husbands laugh.  But really WHO are they to judge?

Now his favorite color is blue.  If it was zebra?!? I wouldn’t bat an eyelash.  Color is color.


When it comes to playing dress up we let them just play.

Our house has an assortment of superheroes, princesses, dragons, and work uniforms.  We play dress-up almost daily and they choose who to be and their imaginations run wild with the worlds they create together.  I don’t even need to be present now-the most precious stage yet-as they will run with their stories and just let the world around them transcend into this magical place.

Goodness does our small, ordinary house feel quite special after seeing it through their eyes.

We talk about what costumes to add to our collection all the time.

Halloween takes it to a NEW level.


This year we went to our local Party City and browsed the biggest board of costumes known to man.  Emma Marie was quickly overwhelmed with possibilities and wanted to choose some accessories… because she is ALL about accessories.


Raymond was set on finding Raphael.  The red ninja turtle that is slightly grumpy.  OK.  Perhaps he is spot on.  Goodness do three year olds have A LOT of emotions swirling around in their tiny bodies.



Well, our trip went well.  The outfits we purchased along with accessories are already getting some good use.


And this girl?!? She is ALL about Donatello.  Hopefully I don’t have to tell you why…(ahem purple cough cough purple).  To each their own.

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What did you do for Halloween growing up?

What was your favorite costume idea?  

I was the Haunted Horseman for Halloween.  My mom was able to use an old football shoulder pads on top of my head and I held a pumpkin head in my hands.  I could see out between the Haunted Horseman’s buttons on his jacket.  LOVED her creativity!  Perhaps in the future this mom can jump on the creativity bandwagon… or maybe I can just recruit Nana for some brainstorming sessions.  Until then I am just a shopping trip away from an entirely new universe full of ideas and worlds to conquer and dream about.