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Super Cute Crispy Treats Book

Goodness is this the CUTEST book!  Super Cute Crispy Treats is a sweet compilation of fabulous no-bake treats and desserts!  My family had no problem picking out their favorite recipes to try and happily munched away at the results.  You definitely want to grab a copy of the book– stat.  Food allergy parent’s dream come true!



The easy favorite for both munchkins were the Ice Cream Cone Treats.  Difficulty level?  Don’t burn the candy melts.  That may sound easy to some… but I’ve had a rough time with those little buggers before.  IF you read the directions you will not have any problems.


Gather up your ingredient list-make sure to follow directions-ahem candy melts can burst into flames-cough-cough-and make sure you have some helping hands.  We already had all of the ingredients we needed on hand so we whipped these up in an afternoon.


Kids in the Kitchen

Whenever possible I like to include my kids in cooking.  Whether that might be prepping, washing, stirring, or adding in the toppings-I try to take a step back and a DEEP breath while my kitchen is covered in messy, messy memories.

Messes make memories.



Decorating the Ice Cream Cone Treats


Sprinkles on top of Sprinkles


Rice Crispy Ice Cream Cones

The toppings were by far the favorite part of the project as both kids got to cover two cones with sprinkles.  Emma Marie went the path of more is better(she isn’t wrong).  Raymond spent a lot of time meticulously planning each sprinkle and color.  I thought for sure they would nose-dive(mouth dive?) straight into the cone, but they both spent about ten minutes perfecting their ice cream cones.

Definitely making these for our next party!  So much fun and DELICIOUS.

As the kids went to bed I started making some Mustache Treats!

Definitely love any treat on a stick-MUCH easier to eat and a lot less mess. MOM WIN.


Movember Mustaches

I can’t wait to make this recipe during November- or Movember as Men around the world will surely participate in Mustache Movember to Support Cancer Awareness.  I love that my husband’s co-workers get involved and plan on sending him in with a bunch of these treats to celebrate!


Edible Photo Prop Mustaches

I am a sucker for a good photo prop and an edible one is an even bigger crowd pleaser!  Can’t wait to place a tray of these back our chalkboard wall-photo backdrop.


I am beyond grateful that I got the chance to celebrate the Book Launch of Super Cute Crispy Treats here in Arizona and grabed a copy!  Ashley writes at Cute as a Fox and features fabulous family, friendly treats and ideas!



Grab a copy of her book for holiday inspiration, birthday party help, and delicious kid-friendly treats!  I love finding safe-alternatives that make my food allergy son feel special.  Very grateful to Ashley for gifting me the creativity I’d sorely been lacking.  Non-creative Parent’s UNITE!

What are you favorite treats for the holidays?

Raymond’s fourth birthday is fast approaching and he has declared that we shall be eating Rice Crispy Ice Cream Cones-no complaints from me!