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Top TEN Things to Know Before Getting a Puppy

Our family is now the proud owners of a chocolate lab puppy!  As a dog owner over the years I’ve come to expect certain things that come with owning a puppy.  Here I am sharing the top TEN things to know BEFORE getting a puppy!TOP-TEN-THINGS-TO-KNOW-BEFORE-GETTING-A-PUPPY-

TOP TEN Things to Know BEFORE Getting a Puppy

I asked my husband-someone who hasn’t owned a dog to make a list of TEN things that he thought would be good to mention to those out there that are thinking about adding a furry member to the family.  He laughed heartily-and quickly wrote down his list.

1.       They’re expensive. Duly noted, husband.  Food, collar, tag, vet visit, leash, and toys.  Definitely does add up initially.  Although once you have the basics you are just paying for food…

2.       They get about as many immunizations as kids. Yes, they do.  Along with making sure they are healthy, they take monthly medicine, AND are treated for diseases that could transfer to us or our darling kids.  So yes.  Better safe, than sorry. Shop around- many places vary on costs and do low-cost clinics once a month.

3.       They imprint fast. Apparently my husband has noted that he now has a little shadow.  One that is all to comfortable sharing his FAVORITE spot on the couch.  Sharing is caring.






4.       They will chew, bite, nibble and slobber…everything. True. Very true.  All the more reason to put shoes away, toys back in their bins, and clean up crumbs.  Our house is actually MUCH more clean now that we have a dog.

5.       They are extra excited to see you…especially early in the morning. Goodness gracious- another morning person-ahem-dog.  My husband only needs five hours of sleep a night and wakes up happy? WHAT IN THE??? So now he has someone just as happy as him downstairs.


6.       They love toys…even especially their own. Definitely treat them like a toddler.  No toys should be on the ground during puppy stage unless you want bite marks on them.  We are teaching our dog what she can and can not play with-but it is a continual work-in-progress.  She IS a puppy,

7.       They are like caring for an infant-toddler for ¾ of their life and then a slower moving infant-toddler for the other ¼.  I don’t really agree with this point.  Puppies are MUCH easier to care for then children and I will be the first to cringe when I hear, “Oh I have a dog, I know what you mean about XYZ with parenting, ” NO- you have NO idea how wrong you are until you have a young infant of your own.  Puppies and Babies are very, very different.  But yes, training a puppy takes time.

8.       They’re expensive. COUGH COUGH- already wrote that down. COUGH. But I get it.  She is three months in and we already spent over $400.00 on her.  Everything save for $30 in toys were necessary.



9.     They need both human and dog companionship. YES- most definitely consult with your vet about when you can visit a dog park-but they most definitely thrive with both people and their fellow dog-kind.  Indiana loves when she visits Abby, my mother’s dog. 

10.   They love unconditionally. Truer words never spoken.  She wants to make us happy and truly wants to be around us always.  LOVE how much the kids love her.


What is ONE thing you wished you would’ve known before adopting a furry friend?


What is ONE thing you would like to know-perhaps in more detail-about adopting a dog?

Would LOVE to hear from you!

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