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Carving Pumpkins: Fall Family Tradition

Will Carve For Seeds

Carving Pumpkins is a family tradition that I have willingly subjected my little family to for years.  Each year there is one member or two that CAN’T stand the slimy pumpkin gunk BUT alas I trudge on.

Memories people!

We are making family memories!

Painting Pumpkins: Fall Family Tradition

Painting Pumpkins: Fall Family Tradition

Raymond painted a pumpkin on his first Halloween and we have carried on the tradition of painting the pumpkins before carving them.  We usually paint them a week before carving so we can enjoy the aura of brilliance said finger painting emits-PLUS after that clean-up I want to enjoy a few days of non-slimy bliss.

Painting Pumpkins: Fall Family Tradition


A week passed after two little skeletons painted their little hearts out.  And now WE CARVE.  Raymond is giving his best impression of a pirate.  I am Barbosa and he is Jack Sparrow typically throughout the day.  My one pirate joke continues to exceed expectations and I easily get laughs each time.  I’m killing it at motherhood. <slow clap>

No, but seriously, learn a joke.  It is priceless.Painting Pumpkins: Fall Family Tradition

Emma Marie cheered loudly as we told them we were carving our painted pumpkins.  She then re-enacted her favorite dinosaur and charged around the room pretending to be a ferocious Tyrannosaurus Rex.  She legitimately sounds terrifying.  If you closed your eyes you would get chills down your spine.

I am beyond thankful she can’t get through the tiny-human-proofing we’ve done as she would most assuredly lose her life if she uttered that awfully, excruciatingly realistic monster noise next to my bed.

Fight or Flight?

I always fight.  It’s a reflex that many, many in the family have lost to.

Carving Pumpkins: Fall Family Tradition

Carving the Top of the Pumpkin

My husband hates, no-LOATHES the feeling of slimy pumpkins.  He will carve the top and then vacuum up the mess after we are done.  He watched from a careful distance on a bar stool this year.



Emma Marie definitely left her shyness from last year behind!  She gladly helped me load up on seeds in our buckets to roast in the afternoon.

Carving Pumpkins: Fall Family Tradition

Raymond was ALL about the raw pumpkin.  I mean literally ALL about the pumpkin.  Definitely need to figure out a way to get more pumpkin into his life.  He can’t have pumpkin pie(food allergies) but perhaps there is another option?

Carving Pumpkins: Fall Family Tradition


Will eat raw seeds… who are we kidding?

Carving Pumpkins: Fall Family Tradition

A trip to Costco rendered another set of pumpkins-these MUCH larger than the pie pumpkins we grabbed at Vertuccio Farms this Fall.  So there will definitely be more seeds in our future!

One of my most favorite parts of Fall is visiting farms and fishing for pumpkin seeds. Yep and sweaters!  Still 90 degrees here three weeks into October.  Bring on the sweaters!

Another item checked off the Fall Bucket List(Free Printable)!


What is a Fall Family Tradition that you partake in?

Any Pumpkin Recipes that may be gluten/nut/egg free? 

Would LOVE to find a great recipe to incorporate a new found food love into his diet!  Thank you so much friends!


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