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How to Train a Puppy

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Training a puppy is a feat in itself.  Today we are sharing helpful hints that will make training your brand new dog just that much easier.  From potty-training, to dog treats, and where your dog should sleep-there is a BIG learning curve when introducing a new dog to the family.

How to Train a Puppy

Our Chocolate Lab- Indiana

Three weeks ago the stars aligned and we found a darling puppy that a farmer didn’t want to keep.  He kept saying that she was too lazy, liked to sleep all the time, and preferred cuddling to work.  JACKPOT.

How to Train Your Puppy

So rather than her ‘working’ on a ranch we took her home and immediately became smitten with her sweet little mug.  She loves long walks at night, cuddling up on the couch, and greeting us each morning.  If you are wondering about her name-she is named after Indiana Jones…who took his name after his beloved dog-Indiana.  The kids call her Indy and truly love her.  Definitely warms my heart that they look after her and care about her feelings.

How to Train Your Puppy

To those that say a dog- is a dog-is a dog.  Sure.  But to us she is family.

Emma Marie takes up most of her days with playing fetch, helping feed Indy, and trying to fit into any nook and cranny possible to cuddle the dog.  When Emma is awake and the dog is sleeping you can be sure to find them like this.

Raymond likes to love a little bit from afar when it comes to animals, but goodness gracious when Indiana cuddles up next to him, do his eyes glow with pride.  Plus, he makes sure to play fetch with her until she decides she is too tired.

How to Train Your Puppy


Our first training feat was making sure she was potty trained.  Sure those mats you lie down and train your dog to go on are dandy and fine-BUT they are still going to the bathroom INSIDE.  Something we surely did not want to happen.  By the way, WHO puts white carpet in the dining room?!? Kills me.  Alas, our downstairs surely needed new flooring before we got a puppy.  Now I am sure of it!  We took her outside and told her to go potty every hour during the first few days at home.  As soon as she goes we act like it’s the coolest thing since sliced bread.

Because it is.  She went outside instead of inside.  Winning.

After three days we realized we have a four a day dog.  Four times a day she needs to really go.  And sure enough she learned to go and sit by the back door.  Dogs thrive on positive reinforcement.  Seriously, google Pavlovs Dog Theory.  Positive reinforcement til the day I die.

She was officially potty-trained in three glorious days.

How to Train Your Puppy


Tricks & Obedience

With two kids, three and under we knew we needed to teach her what she can and can’t touch in the house.  First day in we removed all of the things on the shelves that would’ve been devastating to have puppy teeth marks in downstairs.  Wicker baskets, antiques, and favorite frames.  Next we instilled a rule with the kids that all toys were to be up and off the floor.  Toy confusion with a new puppy is real.

We bought Indiana four toys: two kong balls-one large-one small, kong rope(for tug of war), and a kong teether.  The kids helped pick out each one and with owning dogs in the past I knew that these toys were an investment that would last.

Those were the only toys allowed to touch the ground.

Three weeks in and Indiana knows she isn’t supposed to touch anything else.  We are still working on the follow-through with NOT touching anything else.  But she is three months old and it is a work in progress.

Learning to Sit

At each meal we quickly taught her to SIT before she would receive her food.  Now she knows how to sit, lay down, and fetch properly.  Food is definitely a factor with learning faster… and now that we have introduced dog treats… let’s just say she is the smartest puppy on the block.


I picked up a PEDIGREE® DENTASTIX® Varity Pack  on our weekly trip to Sam’s Club!  Indiana is THRILLED at the new addition after we work on learning a new skill and I am so happy that they help out her teeth.  Every little bit helps when it comes to dog teeth. Yuck.  Plus, soon enough she will be ready for the BIG BAGS of PEDIGREE® Adult Dry Dog Food– definitely a healthy option for when she reaches adulthood.


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Remember, positive reinforcement is your friend.

Our house rules were clearly laid out to all members of the family.  Indiana was to not chew on anything except for her toys.  She is crate trained(thank you farmer) and sleeps soundly in our laundry room at night.  I grew up with dogs on the couch and am definitely fond of the extra cuddles at night.

BUT someone that is even MORE fond of the cuddles?

Emma Marie

How to Train Your Puppy

Her love for Indiana runs deep.

Beyond thankful that this little dog happened to just literally jump into our lives a mere three weeks ago.  We are still working on her pulling on the leash-but I am sure a treat or two could help with that learning curve.

What is one tip you would love to share with how to train a puppy?

Would love to hear from you!


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