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How to Help with Diaper Rash

Throughout my years of mothering I have seen some doozies.  Diaper rashes can be a nasty little reason your child isn’t happy and one that you can usually fix at home.  Here are a couple ways that after having two kids, in under two years, I used to survive with two in diapers.


How to Help with Diaper Rash


As often as you can let them be free of any diaper or clothing.  Sometimes that means a mess… it always means there is an adventure afoot.  Just remember-the sooner they heal-the sooner they get back to their happy napping/sleeping through the night selves.  It makes a difference to EVERYONE’S sanity.


If they can not live as freely as mentioned above, goodness knows there are PLENTY of times they shouldn’t be running-crawling-laying around without pants on, make sure to check their diaper frequently and change them immediately.


With Raymond he had MANY allergies and still does.  A lot of them are life threatening and boy did he just react to all sorts of baby lotions-shampoos-sunscreen.  Our stand alone favorite that always worked for BOTH kids is DESITIN.  I have three tubes in the house currently.  One upstairs in the kids bathroom, one in Emma Marie’s room, and one downstairs in the laundry room(centralized location).  Even though Emma Marie is ALMOST night trained with potty training she has accidents and her smooth skin doesn’t take it well.  We slather on a good amount(read the label) and she is a MUCH happier camper.



As always, please consult your pediatrician with any questions or concerns. And for goodness sake-trust that parent intuition.  You know more about your child than anybody else so don’t be afraid of asking too many questions.

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I always include a package of DESITIN with any new baby package(friends reading are nodding their heads) and Nana has a bunch that we keep sending her for emergencies.

What is one tip that you have to help with diaper rash?

Would LOVE to hear some other tricks of the trade!