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Thrill Seeker Stunt Run

Our time at the Phoenix Thrill Seeker Stunt Run was definitely fantastical!  More than a time or two I blurted out that I will no longer be making fun of ANYONE who participates on Wipe Out(the TV show).  Goodness are those stunts harder to pull off than they look!


Stunt Run recommends arriving an hour early to sign your consent form(definitely get why), grab your bib(and goodies), leave your valuables with free bag check, and make your way to the start pit.  The kids COULD NOT believe that we were going to conquering the LARGER THAN LIFE obstacles set around the course.

I heard Raymond whisper that we must be real life super heroes.

SCORE for Parent cool points.


My sister and brother-in-law made a last minute trip over the mountains to the desert to ring in the holiday weekend and celebrate Raymond’s birthday SO I signed them up for the run.  They are both AMAZING athletes(marathon runners-triathletes-and HEY a qualifier for the Navy Seals) so they could’ve eaten this 5K for breakfast and gone back for more.

BUT they decided to stick it out with me(my husband is a great runner now that we have a dog-kuddos babe) and jogged with me from obstacle to obstacle.  I loved that everyone in the race was in it to win it for THEMSELVES… not a time.  We clearly all wanted to attempt each obstacle and do the best we could.


The starting pit is on these bad boys.  That face is pure joy… don’t let that maniacal grin fool you…


The second most terrifying obstacle was the slide.  Apparently we took the steeper one.  Who knew?!? Everyone, but me.  You race up the inflatable monstrosity on actual plastic stairs and when you get to the top(you are already soaked from a giant slip and slide race) you realize you will travel faster than you want to.


And you can’t see the bottom-even after leaning over the ledge.

I tried to grip the side to slow me down… as I quickly did the math and realized my mass was going to become airborne-AND IT DID- at the bottom… hence the fifty feet of extra inflatable.


My stomach hurts just thinking about it.  I definitely wanted to climb back down BUT? Way too dangerous.


My sister and I got to race our husband’s down-each obstacle has a “team spirit” aspect and you most definitely want at least a team of four.  Four people would be perfect to race at each and every stunt.


IS IT A PLANE? A SQUIRREL? NOPE- just me about to land face first into a not-so-padded baton.  I got my body around it and did that oh so eloquent, “She got it!” pause before sliding down like a cartoon character who ran splat against a wall.  Both husband’s were victorious during this stage which is AMAZING as I never saw any other people that successfully completed the stunt.

The zip line finish definitely makes you rethink your life goals-in the BEST possible way.



Beyond grateful for this Team right here!  They rocked it!


And Nana deserves an enormous round of applause(along with a margarita) for wrangling four kids, three and under for nearly TWO hours.  She was able to snap all the pictures above and travel the course quite well.  Definitely need a stroller for those that are thinking it might be a waste- IT IS NOT.

We were able to keep in touch from our family Wolf Pack Howl.  I am not kidding in the least.  From when we were little and out camping, to hiking through thick grass-DON’T GO INTO THE LONG GRASS- to getting lost at the grocery store-our family could depend on that Wolf Howl.  It carries well over long distances and is distinct.  You also get everyone around you to STOP-DROP what they are doing-and WATCH you.  But who cares if it serves it’s purpose?

You want to know why you have photo proof that I caught good air BEFORE I got a fat lip? Wolf call. Scared the crap out of the teenager next to me, but Nana figured out where we were on the race track.  Plus the kids wanted to watch us.

Whatever works friends.

I am a fan of the Stunt Run and will be competing again.  It is worth it to see what you are capable of AND perhaps to be seen as a Superhero for a day.

Have you ever participate in a Stunt Run?

Would LOVE to hear about your favorite or least favorite obstacle!


For more information on the Thrill Seeker Stunt Run-Click Here.