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Holiday Diaper Bag Necessities

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For the first three holidays with little ones we traveled to see family.  We learned quite quickly what the necessities were to manage hours in the air, or a day of travel by car with a baby and toddler.  Today I am sharing the Must Haves for your Holiday Diaper Bag.


Holiday Diaper Bag Necessities for Baby & Toddler

Holiday Diaper Bag Necessities

Light Swaddle Blankets

Perfect to layer when cold, snuggle with when not feeling well, and to cover up if you need to feed or are around someone not coughing into their elbow.  The holidays bring all sorts of cheer- and germs- protect your little ones the best you can.

Snacks & Bottles

Always bring four hours more than you need.  Always.  A delay at the airport, a car accident that holds up the freeway?  Both have occurred and everyone knows that a hungry baby OR toddler is an angry one.  Think HULK- you don’t want to see him when he is angry.  Small cooler on the plane is allowed for kids and you can bring one in the car.  A little planning saves a lot of headaches.

Toys & Books

I always hid a couple of their favorite toys(such an evil mom) the week before a big trip and they would magically reappear throughout our voyage which led to a much happier trip by all.  If you have a baby and plan on traveling on a plane?  Get a book with just kid’s faces in it.  Literally HOURS of entertainment.  Saved me more times than I want to admit.



Clutch ‘n Clean Wipes

The Clutch n’ Clean Wipes were a saving grace.  Just enough to throw in your diaper bag, purse, and car-no switching them out each time or looking for more wipes AND they don’t get dry like other small packs available as they actually CLOSE.  Plus I buy the big packs at a big box store and just replenish when my wipes go out in any area. Super simple and we have used these for almost the last two years. I grabbed two packs while picking up a prescription at my local CVS. #CVSHuggiesHeroesHuggies-for-the-Holidays-at-CVS


I always, always packed one diaper per two hours of travel.  When traveling by car it is much easier to have more than that readily available-just make sure you can reach it.  Plus bring ziplock bags on the plane to dispose of diapers… believe me you don’t want to be the reason for THAT smell.  Thirteen flights by myself with my baby and toddler taught me that QUICK.


Bandaids Make Everything Better

Small First Aid Kit with Baby Medicine

Picking up medicine on the road for baby if goodness a fever spikes or perhaps the toddler was over-zealous in the airport and skinned their knee(cough cough-happened to us-cough cough).  Colds go around and sometimes you have to stick to your travel arrangements whether or not everyone is feeling up to par.  Baby medicine can stay with you in your diaper bag when traveling-just pull it out at security in a ziploc bag.  Plus bandaids make EVERYTHING better-toddler parents know what I am talking about.

Change of Clothes

For clothes we always packed an outfit for every two hours of traveling that was “reachable”.  Carry on luggage, diaper bag, or quickly accessible in the car for those blow-outs that can and do happen when you least expect it.  More than one time we were on our LAST set of clothes and were grateful we did the two hour packing method.


Last holiday we were waiting in line to see Santa and low and behold they were handing out candy canes to people in line.  Don’t ask a child if they can have a candy cane… makes my job infinitely harder as a parent.  So both the one and three year old have a candy cane right before pictures with Santa.  Mom Fail.  Both were covered in red stickiness-and smiles-way to make a mom feel like a grinch!  Thankfully I grabbed my pack of Clutch ‘n Clean wipes out and scrubbed their faces down.


  And voila! The happiest little family meeting Santa…well, at least they weren’t covered in red sugar.

You win some, you lose some.


What are your Holiday Diaper Bag Necessities?

What is one item you would tell a new mom to add to her diaper bag this holiday season?

Would love to hear your ideas!

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Kicking it in Crow #JustBeYou

As a mom of two, life is exceptionally busy.  As all parents know, we need to remember to take care of ourselves so that we are well enough to take care of them.  Definitely harder to accomplish than I thought it would be.

Taking time away from my family to workout, to go and get my hair done, or simply shop for the entire family without two grab-happy kids in tow doesn’t happen nearly as often as it should.  Mom guilt.  Parent guilt.  Call it what you must, but for the past couple of years I’ve fallen in the trap where I am the last person I tend to.  I am taking a conscious step forward and am making time for myself.  This may mean getting up at 5AM so that I can work out OR to get in those emails that I just couldn’t get to the previous day.


Now that I am working out consistently the brain fog of motherhood and lost sleep is starting to part.  I am taking time and working on getting back some of my strength with Barre and yoga classes.  Doesn’t hurt that I get to sing along in the car SOLO to and from the class-that’s a big bonus for me.  Sometimes I even sit in the silence of the car and relish in the fact that no one is asking me any more questions.


Taking an hour or two, a couple times a week has let my battery recharge and I feel much happier answering the 2,357th question about why something exists or what it in fact does.  My brain tends to work better when I am able to get in some fitness.  Love how I feel so much sharper and stronger.


I tend to not be able to grab a healthy lunch or snack on preschool days.  Life gets too busy and with the checklist of what to do before drop off I just can’t get it all done.  And that’s okay.  I love to grab a cup of Oh My Yog!(Pacific Coast Strawberry) from the fridge and sit in the stillness.


Oh My Yog!

Raymond is at preschool and Emma Marie is napping.  A little yogurt and BOOM I am ready to tackle my inbox, schedule social shares, and edit those pictures!

prAna Yoga Pants

Yoga- can I get an, “OHM?”-has helped me center myself and quiet my mind.  I feel like there are sometimes a thousand tabs open in my brain and yoga helps me slowly close them out.  My favorite color in the world is purple and prAna has a fabulous pair of Freya Knicker’s in Vivid Viola.  Love at first sight!


My Mom Uniform


ONE prAna item from the ORGANIC LINE – up to $99!  Goodness- you can grab the Freya Knicker in Vivid Viola like me OR pick another awesome item from their organic line. Fabulous treat right before the holidays! And for those that just can’t wait for the giveaway-grab the coupon code below to save on your holiday shopping.


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The shot of me in Crow happened right before our puppy tackled me.  Seriously, life has a way of knocking you back down… just need to remember to dust yourself off and hope that next time you face plant at the park there are less spectators.

What would you choose from prAna’s Organic Line if you won?

What helps you reset after a busy day?


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