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Why Messes MATTER

Messes matter.  Messes are ESSENTIAL to making memories.  How about some good, old fashioned clean fun?  No thanks.  I will take a side of mud pie any day and twice on Sunday.  No great story happens with-when I was cleaning my house.  Horror stories start that way, actually…

But that’s another story, for another day.

Messes Make Memories

Why Messes Matter

My most fond memories involve water.  Which is a little perplexing seeing as we live in the Valley of the Sun now.  But growing up in the Pacific Northwest-come rain-shine-snow-sleet-or hail- we were outside.  Goodness with three little girls that MUST have been a ton of laundry and dirty carpet.

The years are short people.  Soon enough you will only be cleaning up the messes you make.

Why do messes matter?

The days are long, but the years are short.

They will not always be in those clothes.  And NO clothes are too good to play in.  Seriously, why have clothes for a kid if they can’t run, jump, and play pretend in them?  There will be YEARS upon YEARS of schooling that will reiterate how important it is to SIT.


Messes Make Memories

Well, I’ve made a promise to my kids since my littlest was just shy of two that as long as there wasn’t a thunder and lightening storm overhead-that we could be outside playing in the weather.

That may mean swimsuits and slip and slides all summer.

The grass WILL grow back.

Messes Make Memories

During spring and fall that may mean going to the zoo with boots and SPLASHING in the puddles.

Because, why not?

Most people avoid the zoo in rain which makes it a perfect time to relish in an empty zoo AND watch the animals enjoy the wet weather.  Animals DO love the rain.

Messes Make Memories

It ALWAYS involves some sort of boot.

Boots make life fun.

I know this as I have a pair I’ve had for years that I promptly join in the mud and puddle jumping.  These are the moments I want them to remember.  That I was present in their lives.  That they knew that I wanted to be with them.

Even if that means running away from two mud monsters.  Oh, mud monsters.  It takes one to know one.  I taught my kids a well placed mud pie to the back is a sign of endearment.

Toddlerhood does have it’s perks.

Messes Make Memories

It does mean some stains will not come out.

So that just means that is the mud puddle-jumping outfit.

Designated outfit. FOR THE WIN.

Remember clothes are just that, clothes. Don’t put a burden on a toddler to not be a toddler.

Messes Make Memories

With that being said, the kids know Rule #1 is they MUST ask permission before tromping through the epic puddle in the parking lot, field, or even at the farm.

They always ask.

I say yes as often as I can.

Although a soaking wet kid filing into the grocery store just makes for an even harder trip and perhaps a cold to be caught.  But I usually promise as SOON as we get home and grab our boots.

Messes Make Memories

Messes Matter

The sand in my toes(hair and ears).

The mud on my face.

The puddle water coating my layers of clothes.

The mess is short-lived.

Those memories?



What are your favorite memories from childhood?  

How are you helping to capture those moments you hold so dear with your own child?


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