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Born to Save

When is it too early to start saving?  Most would probably agree that if you have the opportunity to save money away for the future-that you should use that power to ensure the ones you love are taken care of.  Who doesn’t want to feel like they’ve helped their children toward the first step of financial freedom at the ripe old age of, one?

If you save it, they will come… er become… er Field of Dreams reference.  Dating myself?


Born to Save

Voya has a fabulous program that can help get your child off on the correct financial foot even before they can crawl.  Exercise fiscal responsibility and work toward your financial goals every year.

Seriously, every little bit matters.


Was your baby born on October 19, 2015?

The Voya Born to Save® program offers every baby born in the U.S on October 19, 2015 a $500 mutual fund investment as a head start on their retirement savings.

Talk about an amazing opportunity! What a great way to start an account for your new little one.

Voya Financial helps Americans plan, invest and protect their savings — to get ready to retire better.  Advice on what works best for YOUR family?  Yes, please.  Everyone’s situations are different.  Perhaps a 529 Savings Plan is an avenue you can explore.  Either way- Voya can help break through the fog of financial planning.

Voya Findings

Voya conducted a survey of more than 1,000 new parents, and found the following:
• Four-in-ten (40%) spent $500 or more on baby-related items in the first year that they later determined were nonessential or they never used.

There are a lot of items I WISH we would’ve been able to purchase when our kid’s were babies.  Alas, they were luxuries and we were on a necessity budget.  But we MADE it.  On less than a teacher’s salary.

Here are some of my ideas of what NOT to buy to save money in the first year with baby.

Baby-Related Non-Essentials

Wipe Warmer

Rocker & Swing (pick one OR none)

Baby Bath Tub(although we swore by ours)

No Cadillac Strollers(top shelf-not necessary)

Baby Mobile


Padded Bumpers(not necessary-AND dangerous-until toddlerhood)

We cloth diapered during the day and used disposables at night when our budget was really tight.  We saved THOUSANDS between two kids using the same set of all-in-ones. We also made all of our own baby food.  This was a necessity as baby food tends to be expensive and it was reassuring knowing exactly what was going into my two kids.

Whatever works for your family.

No judgement here.


From Voya:

Voya Financial, believes it’s never too early — or too late — to save for the future. Voya’s vision is to change the way Americans think about retirement — it’s not simply a destination, but a journey that starts the day you are born.

Happy Tidings to you and your family!  Hope this holiday season is good to you!


What was/is a non-essential item you thought you NEEDED?

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