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DIY Laundry Update + Freshen Up for the Holidays

Holiday guests will be arriving soon!  Don’t forget to freshen up all of your linens with a dose of Beach Sage which immediately sets the tone for a relaxing holiday with family.  Plus, an easy way to update your laundry room decor with a faux metal sign.


DIY Laundry Update

As much as I would like to “set it and forget it” our laundry room is a focal point of our house.  If the door is opened it can be viewed from the kitchen, dining, AND living room.  This makes me cringe and has led to some small updates that help me cope with our laundry room constantly being opened up with guests.

First off- this is not a catch-all.  Everything has it’s place and those are bins that are NOT see through.  I know where everything is- BUT my guests can’t SEE everything.  Helps the laundry room feel a lot less cluttered with everything hidden in it’s spot.

A long time ago I saw a metal letters- W A S H- in a fabulous magazine delivered around the holidays.  My jaw dropped when I saw the price tag and I had to simply recycle the copy.  They wanted HOW MUCH for each letter?

Not on our budget.

So I simply grabbed cardboard letters at my local thrift store.  Actually I grabbed ONE on each trip over the course of a few months(hello frugal) with their 50% off coupon each time.  One can of metallic spray paint and an old cardboard box to prop them up on and I was all set.

Helpful Hint: Pin tacks into the cardboard so that you can “prop” up the letters before spraying.  That way they will not stick to the cardboard, which makes removal upon drying just that much more simple.

Even if you buy the cardboard letters AND spray paint for full price you still only equate to ONE of the letters from that fabulous magazine.  Another AWESOME thing about being thrifty?  They are cardboard and can be hung up on the wall with double sided tape.  No holes in my wall AND saved a bunch of money.

Three years later and these bad boys now sit on a shelf over both washer and dryer(nothing can fall behind them anymore-winning!) and are in pristine condition.


All of our family will be traveling to the desert this lovely holiday and we are working on refreshing ALL of our linens.  New puppy, a toddler, and preschooler can make you numb to the fact that houses CAN smell good.  Over the past week I have taken the time to wash all of our large quilts and fleece blankets that we cuddle with on the couch.  I am now working on pillows and the kid’s stuffed animals.

Goodness am I in love with the new method 4x concentrated laundry detergent in Beach Sage that I grabbed on our weekly trip to Target.  My nose is picky and this is just the right amount of fragrance to bring upon an heir of tranquility and freshness. PERFECT for the busy holiday season.  Plus I love that I get more bang for my buck. Cough-Cough-Frugal.

The other new fragrances in the lineup for method: beach sage, ginger mango, spring garden.

Grab this fabulous COUPON CODE: YAYFORLAUNDRY for $3 off at checkout!

Let me know if you update your Laundry Room OR perhaps use the technique for a NOEL or JOY sign.  Timeless and easy.

Happy Holidays Friends!

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