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Easy Fine Motor Skills Activity in the Tub

Our love of bath time runs deep.  Seriously, we love extending learning through all activities. The Nuby Bath Time Fun Crayons help both my toddler and preschooler work on fine motor skills-completely disguised learning fun!Working on fine motor skills and writing in the bath tub with Nuby Bath Crayons.

Easy Fine Motor Skills in the Tub

My first thought when I opened up the package… after regaining my hearing from their squeals of joy… was goodness this BETTER be easy to clean.  I am ALL ABOUT messes making memories, but goodness gracious do I like my bath squeaky clean.  You will be pleased to note that they wipe off cleanly and without any extra elbow grease.


Nuby Bath Crayons

Raymond my dear preschooler loves being able to express himself through art.  Whether that be through a sticker montage, a self-portrait on our chalkboard wall, or our new bath time crayons he is constantly creating.  My job as a parent is to just offer opportunities that he can continue to thrive and learn on his own.


I love that Raymond is such a great role model to Emma Marie… he has helped her with her grip on the crayons and is always giving sweet compliments about her creations.  I am beyond thankful that when she proudly announces that what she just drew is a puppy(cough cough) that Raymond fully agrees and applauds her creativity.


Emma Marie is all about shapes and puppies.  If you were to guess after she proudly turns to you to exclaim she just created the next masterpiece- 50/50 shot it is a shape(pretty recognizable) or a puppy.  50/50 shot.


Not one of the Nuby Bath Time Fun Crayons has broken(they were dropped on our tile floor) and can easily be washed any part of the wall or tub.  Plus the crayons did not stain the towels.  Serious mom win.

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Nuby Bath Time Fun Crayons

  • 3 years +
  • 5 colorful crayons
  • Easy clean, fun colors

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What are some ways that you promote daily creativity?

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