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Teething Jewelry: Necklace

Wearable Teething Jewelry is a mom lifesaver!  Through two kids under two I wore one every time I left the house(or remembered to-mom brain) and both baby and toddler loved the smooth texture and calming effects.Nuby-Teething-Jewelry-For-Mom-To-Wear

Wearable Teething Jewelry

Definitely a fantastic product for those of us that want to look fashionable and are prone to having a baby on the hip.  I love how soft and chewable the texture is-PLUS the kids both loved these types of necklaces from babyhood through toddlerdom-MOM WIN.

Emma Marie wanted to be JUST LIKE MOM for this little shoot and while it IS adorable these necklaces are NOT meant for babies or toddlers or kids of any size.  Strangulation is a real hazard- so please read the warnings on the product so that you are aware of the risks.


Wearable Teething Jewelry

Grab a set for the next baby shower you are attending and tie it in a pretty bow on the package!  Style with a purpose- perfect for the new mom in your life!


Teething Trends™ Large Oval Necklace

I love this teething jewelry and wore it even while pregnant with my second. I had two babies under two for a few months and teething jewelry was a lifesaver for those times that they just needed something to help cope with me while I held them for a few minutes longer in the grocery checkout line.

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  • Fashion with a purpose
  • Wearable teether means you always have it with you
  • Soft silicone surfaces

Available in these colors:

  • Deep Purple
  • Teal
  • Gray
  • White

Available at these retailers:

  • Walmart

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