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Making Meal Time FUN

Our meals are prepared at home every single day. Making meals that both my toddler AND preschooler love is a difficult task sometimes.  I do not have time to be a short order cook for every meal.  Making meal time FUN is essential at this age for a successful, healthy appetite.

Easy Snack and Meal Ideas to keep meal time fun!

Making Meal Time FUN

When each kid was a year and a half I started implementing rules about table manners.

-Always saying thank you after receiving their meal

-Saying please if they need extra milk or water

-Asking before they blow bubbles in their milk- blowing bubbles is one of life’s pure joys-do it and not smile-just try.

-Staying at the table until everyone has finished their meal

-Always asking about each other’s day- MY FAVORITE question to ask



Easy Snack and Meal Ideas to keep meal time fun!

Adding faces to ANYTHING on their plate’s equals immediate praise.  I mean, I can Picasso with the best of them and my “faces” make the cut.  So YOUR faces that you make with fruit-veggies-ANYTHING- will make the cut.  Now Emma Marie takes the time to rearrange her faces and plays with her food.  AND eats it-all of it.

Easy Snack and Meal Ideas to keep meal time fun!

Blowing Bubbles

Easy Snack and Meal Ideas to keep meal time fun!

My TIKI head that I made out of Greek Yogurt and fruit was a winner!  The kids thought it was hilarious that the TIKI was sticking their tongue out at them.  Whatever works.

PLUS I find if I add in as many colors of the rainbow as possible that they are more willing to just love the meal.  The brighter, the better.

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I grabbed a ten pack of Nestlé Nesquik® at Target and through a bunch in the fridge.  They can hang out in the pantry and you just throw some in the fridge when you want to spice up the meal with some chocolaty, healthy goodness.

I grew up on Nesquik.  LOVE being able to share in some simple joys with the kids that bring me back to my childhood.  You can BET that I blow bubbles with them.  Why not?


Easy Snack and Meal Ideas to keep meal time fun!
Nestlé Nesquik® Chocolate Low Fat Milk is made with 100% real milk and has 8g of protein in every 8 fluid ounce serving.  And, because #Nesquik® is specially packaged you can store it in your pantry. So feel free to stock up but don’t forget to refrigerate after opening.

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How do you make meal time fun?  Would LOVE to find out what works for your family!