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Munchkin Meals

As a food allergy mom I make all of the meals, every day, all day.  Emma Marie loves eating a multitude of items throughout the day so I try to give her a TON of options so that I can sit at the table and enjoy mealtime with my kids.  Sitting down and eating every meal with them is definitely possible and a fabulous way to get connected throughout the day.oxo-tot-stonyfield-yogurt-lunch-for-toddler

Munchkin Meals

Every week I go to the grocery store or our big box store and grab the fresh produce that is currently on sale.  With Raymond’s allergies that narrows it down a bit to what I can purchase.  Food prep happens immediately after I get home with the boxes of veggies and fruit as it is much easier to get it all done in one fell swoop.

Everything is washed, cut up, and placed in storage so that when the kids want a snack or I am getting a meal ready I can easily add a few fresh veggies or a fruit to their plate. Plus being able to ensure fabulous Organic options from Stonyfield with their new line of yoTot Organic just makes my old mom heart all warm and fuzzy.  Plus, they taste GOOD.  Healthy and delicious?  Totally possible.


My other favorite way to help with meal planning are batching large meat meals.

Pulled Chicken RECIPE

1 can of chicken broth

2 diced yellow onions

2 tablespoons garlic salt

1 lb of frozen chicken breast

Slow cooker on High- 4.5 Hours

PLUS Taco Tuesday and Homemade Pizza Night Friday are weekly favorites for my two kids and I.  I LOVE tacos.  I think if I had to eat one type of food for the rest of my life tacos would be it. NOMNOM.

Emma Marie LOVES when she gets special treats… like her new set of OXO Tot meal set!  She literally did the happiest of happy dances when she opened up the package.  Mail sure is fun with kids and this personalized plate, silverware, and sippy cup are what her dreams are made of.
OXO Tot Training Fork & Spoon Set
OXO Tot Twist Lid Water Bottle for Big Kids (12 Oz)
OXO Tot Divided Plate with Removable Training Ring and Dipping Center
OXO Tot Grape Cutter
OXO Tot 2 Piece Roll Up Bib
OXO Tot Flippy Snack Cup with Travel Lid
OXO Tot Baby Blocks Freezer Storage Containers

A LONG time ago when Raymond was just a little baby I used OXO Tot Storage Containers to save and freeze all of the homemade baby purees that I made.  I saved a lot of money making his own baby food and the storage containers are now used for snacks when we go to the Zoo, the park, or just a trip to Nana’s house. Those products have stood the test of time and I am happy to stand by them and tell you how the quality and durability(hello baby and toddlers dropping things) of this line is bar none.



Do you need a grape cutter? Well, do you value your time and the tips of your fingers?

I sure hope so!

This fabulous invention helps cut grapes up FAST in four small sections.  Love that my sub-par knife handling skills are no longer tested on the tedious task of cutting up grapes.  Safety first.  And yes, I still cut up their grapes.

Don’t forget as you sit down for dinner tonight, be it with friends or loved ones, to ask this very important question.  I can not tell you how much it means to our little family.

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Life is TOO Short to Worry About the Little Things

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and Walmart Family Mobile. All opinions are mine alone. #DataAndAMovie #CollectiveBias

My heart really can not comprehend all of the changes, but time isn’t going to wait for it to catch up.  There are many things that I worry about in the future and I am thankful that affording a cell phone and data-something I use every day as a blogger-will be more attainable.


Life is TOO short to worry about the little things. *Like data.

When life throws you curve balls, as it tends to do, you can either jump out of the way or swing for the fences.  I for one am smacking those balls right back to where they came from.  Good riddance.

Now, I choose joy.

I choose happiness.

I share my happiness with my two munchkins through interpretive dance.  That’s right.  Interpretive dance.


Em Breaking IT Down

When our song comes on(there are MANY that we claim to be “ours”) we shake it and BREAK IT DOWN.  To many this looks like one of us was hit by lightening and to other’s like we’ve lost our ever-loving minds.  To this day I do not regret stopping and DANCING with my two kids whenever our jam comes on.

I make it my mission for “our” songs to make an appearance whenever we needed an extra hop in our step. One song and five minutes later we are all hysterically laughing and fall into a giant group hug.  THIS is what I want them to remember.

Not the pain and the sadness.

I want them to remember what it feels like to just truly love a moment and to not be worried about what anyone else is thinking.  Frankly we ALL know that it doesn’t matter what other’s think, but they need someone to show them what that looks like.


Streaming Music

Now that the future looks tight where finances are concerned I know that the Walmart Family Mobile PLUS Plan will save me a lot of money.  I keep up my social media marketing throughout the day as I care for my two munchkins.  I stream music, upload videos, send photos, and keep track of all of my social media accounts during the daylight hours.  This typically happens while we are out and on the go which can be bothersome as I tend to eat up a BUNCH of data.  Thankfully with the new Walmart Family Mobile PLUS Plan I no longer have to worry about keeping up with work while on the run. The Walmart Family Mobile PLUS = Unlimited Talk, Text, & Data which includes up to 10GB of 4G LTE plus a free movie on VUDU every month, per line for $49.88.

Disclaimer: All prices for phones and plans included in this post are accurate as of the date of posting; however, these prices are subject to change. Please refer to or your local Walmart for current pricing.


Walmart Family Mobile PLUS

Last week at Walmart as I grabbed some groceries with the kids I picked up a Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Phone- currently on sale for $99.00 (Rollback from $149.00) My sisters and mother LOVE their Samsung Galaxy Phones and now I see why.  Fabulously clear photos and crystal clear 4G LTE service with WFM.


Future Blogger

Emma Marie working on being a Blogger, “Just like mommy,” she says as she continuously chops off her brother’s head in the photos.  Well, I DO see a lot of fashion bloggers doing that on purpose-so perhaps she is on to something.


BEST Break-dancer in the Family

Now when we are taking a trip to San Diego to visit family I can stream a movie thanks to VUDU on my tablet.  Talk about a way to help keep the kid’s entertained while I am staying safe and driving through the desert.  A movie a month is a fabulous perk to this plan for our family!  I already promised them a night of camping(real tent and sleeping bags-but back in real beds before it gets too late) and would love to be able to stream a video and make it a Data & a Movie Night tent side!

Smores? Good.

Tent? Good.

Sleeping Bags? Good.

Movie & Popcorn? Epic.


Best Friends

Camping during the summer with my family is definitely one of my favorite childhood memories and I can not wait to show how special it is to be out with nature.  Just need for them to be a bit older before we hit the real campground.  So backyard camping it is!


Our Little Family

The New Year will bring with it new challenges.  The only thing that matters right now are my two little munchkins.  May I make them proud.

What could you do with some added savings in the New Year? 

Where would you stream your free movie? Camping? Road trip?

I can’t wait to escape the desert when the temperatures heat up here in the desert and hit California! Sand in the toes and waves to chase.

What I REALLY Want for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a time for celebrating those that you love.  For many that involves roses, chocolates, and cards as they shower their favorite people with gifts.  What-I-Really-Want-For-Valentines-Day-its-not-things

What I Really Want for Valentine’s Day

Earlier this week I put together a Valentine’s Day Wishlist that I would LOVE to wake-up to on that Sunday morning.  But my reality is different and although it would be fabulous to find a bouquet of tulips on the kitchen table I think I am going to need to wait until one or both of the kids can drive… so instead I am choosing to wish for things that TRULY matter.

What I really want for Valentines Day- it’s not things.

Things don’t give you hugs.

They don’t run up and throw your hands around you, whispering, “I love you mommy.”


What I want on Valentine’s Day is to make a mess in the kitchen.  Cook heart shaped(I’ll do my best) pancakes and create faces with strawberries and blueberries.

What I want on Valentine’s Day is a great big hug and kiss from my two munchkins.

What I want on Valentine’s Day is to be able to take five minutes with each one of them and tell them how important they are to me.  How proud I am of them.  How special they are.

What I want on Valentine’s Day is to hear laughter echoing in the house.

What I want on Valentine’s Day is to share a card I made for both of my kids, to show them how much they mean to me.

What I want on Valentine’s Day is to sleep through the night, please.

What I want on Valentine’s Day is to show my children what real love is.  What it means to care for a person.


What I want for Valentine’s Day can not be bought at a store. You can not order it from a catalog.  What I want is so much more than flowers that will wilt, chocolates that will disappear(tragically fast), and store bought cards that lack the scribbles and rampant glitter my heart craves.

All I want is a sweet day with my favorite people, doing our favorite things.

Hope you get exactly what you are wishing for this Valentine’s Day.  May your day be full of love and laughter.


What to Wear: Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas

Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas for the Day of Love!  Sharing a few of my favorite options that work for a sweet date out, brunch with friends, or fun family time at home.  I love me a good pair of shorts and these scalloped beauties are what dreams are made of.
Fabulous Valentine's Day Looks for a sweet date, brunch, or a family time. Check out my favorite Valentine's Day looks!

Scalloped Shorts(SALE)/Pink Blouse/Stella and Dot Necklace/ Heels

I LOVE wearing shorts when I dress up.  Always have.  Always will. I usually am the only one NOT wearing a dress when I go out as I choose to wear shorts.  I love the double-layer of the scalloped shorts and the POCKETS.  They are silky soft and can be easily dressed up or down.  I really, really wanted a pair of black scalloped shorts but there were no available this past summer(when I stocked up on shorts & dresses).  Fabulous Valentine's Day Looks for a sweet date, brunch, or a family time. Check out my favorite Valentine's Day looks!

LOVE Sweater/White Shorts/Boots/Bag

Thick shorts are definitely necessary.  I love dressing up this comfy look with booties!  Perfect for quality family time on Valentine’s Day.

Fabulous Valentine's Day Looks for a sweet date, brunch, or a family time. Check out my favorite Valentine's Day looks!

LOVE Sweater/White Shorts/Boots/Bag

The bag is my go-t0.  It started out as the larger bag I took for work events, but now as I have transitioned out of using a diaper bag- HOORAY NO MORE DIAPERS- I use these as my every day bag.Fabulous Valentine's Day Looks for a sweet date, brunch, or a family time. Check out my favorite Valentine's Day looks!

Lauren Conrad Floral Dress(similar)/ Heels

Love this sweet floral dress for a date out with your honey.  Perfect for a day date or a date night(sweater necessary).
Fabulous Valentine's Day Looks for a sweet date, brunch, or a family time. Check out my favorite Valentine's Day looks!

Lauren Conrad Floral Dress(similar)/ Heels

I love the old-fashioned cut and fabulous details on the back.   Fabulous Valentine's Day Looks for a sweet date, brunch, or a family time. Check out my favorite Valentine's Day looks!

Scalloped Shorts(SALE)/Pink Blouse/Stella and Dot Necklace/ Heels

I would LOVE to wear this look at a fabulous brunch on Valentine’s Day(it is on a Sunday) this year with friends.  Definitely can’t wait to make heart pancakes and pink milk for my two sweet Valentine’s this year.

What is your Valentine’s Day style?  Do you wear the color of love?

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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: For Her

Valentine’s Day shopping is upon us!  Today I have found some sweet ideas to give the girl in your life- best friend or for that special girl in your life-these ideas are a perfect start to make Valentine’s Day special.Perfect gifts to give for Valentine's Day.

RocksBox Subscription:

The Rocksbox Subscription Service is perfect for you to find pieces that you can wear for a special occasion or to find a piece you fall in love with after wearing a few times that you can purchase at a reduced price.  The curated jewelry collection lets you pick on trend, high quality jewelry sets for you to receive. LOVE that the pieces are REAL and from my favorite brands that I know and already wear.

Fall in love? You can buy any piece from your Rocksbox set. Each month you have $10 in Shine Spend to apply towards a purchase. $19/MO FOR UNLIMITED JEWELRY RENTAL. Borrow 3 pieces at a time, and swap your set anytime you want. Free, prepaid shipping both ways. Fits in your mailbox. Easier than shopping!

LOVED my first Rock Box- you can grab one month FREE yourself with code: ascuteasabugsearxoxo

Essie Nail Polish:

Grab a handful of these FABULOUS polishes for a sweet Valentine’s Day Gift for her.  I love a soft, blush pink on the toes right now and a POP of color is the perfect way to spice up your look.

Pale Blush/ Fiesta/Bahama Mama/Play Date

Mornings ARE for Mimosas Tank:

Goodness are Mimosas the PERFECT compliment for brunch!  I LOVE this tank! Valentine’s Day Brunch- it is ON a Sunday this year would be a perfect date with friends or that special someone!

Stella and Dot Engraved Necklace:

I own TWO of these charms with my two munchkins initials on them.  I wear them on the small gold chain from Stella AND love wearing them every day.  I can add additional jewelry to take my look from Day-to-Night.


For the past year this has sat on my WISHLIST!  At all of the Conferences I attended the past year there were opportunities for us to get our hair done and THIS is the way my hair was able to maintain it’s curl.  A ceramic flat iron kept my thin, fine hair curled for 8+ hours at a time!  The longest my curls last when styled in any other fashion is a good 1-2 hours… so I can not wait to finally be able to style my own hair at home!  After a poll of friends and hair stylists-THIS is the one I need to get!

Hope this Gift Guide for Her helps you with your shopping!

Please make sure to add in some sweet handwritten note-about your friendship-your love-it means the world to read words written by someone that you care for.  Add in a homemade card?  You are gold.

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?  What is on your wishlist?

I truly could go for handmade cards from my munchkins, a pedicure, massage, and A NAP.  Goodness.  Some sleep and a bit of pampering would do this tired mom so good!


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