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My Hero

My hero.  My champion.  She may not be famous, but to many she is everything.  The one who believed in you before you did.  The one who pushed you to realize your greatness.  The one who wanted you to find your joy, whether that be pre-law, a middle school teacher, or mother.

When I think of a hero I think of someone who is strong, resilient, and kind.  One that knows what the right thing is to do and simply does it.  NOT because someone would notice or accolades would be given- but because that’s just what you do.


A teacher’s work is never done.  There will always be more papers to grade, science projects to work on, and of course labs to set-up.  Science is anything BUT boring.  I have been blessed with knowing many young souls that have essentially been saved.  My hero took the time to get to know her students-all of them-even THOSE students.  Her philosophy of education is inspiring, but even more so is watching her create a world of creativity, wonder, and excitement.  Middle school learning at it’s finest.

Tomorrow she is going in early, even more so than usual, to fill up an entire baby pool full of oobleck.  The set-up and clean-up are tedious AND goodness do labs just take more time.  But labs are also where students get to learn first-hand and experience TRUE science.  You will not find “How to Make Oobleck” on a standardized test.  What you will find? The entire scientific method- physics-chemistry-and a whole lot of critical thinking.  Labs focus on ALL of that.

My hero is many student’s hero. More than she cares to admit.  Humble to the end.

Check out this fabulous new traveling art exhibition about Women and the Heroes of Our Time- I would LOVE to attend the opening night in San Francisco.






Launched in London in January 2016, the UBS x Leibovitz collaboration continues to explore the changes in the roles of women today while bringing to life one of the greatest art exhibitions of the 21st century.

Exhibition cities include the following:
• London
• Tokyo
• San Francisco
• Hong Kong
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• Mexico City
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• New York
• Zurich

Entry is complimentary. Visit to learn more.


My hero is stronger than she knows.  

What I am most grateful for is that my children get to grow up knowing her.  

I call her mom.


Who is your hero?

Don’t miss the chance to let them know how much they mean to you.


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Over the Rock Hill

Sometimes life hands you rocks.
Sometimes life hands you boulders.
Welcome to my Rock Hill.
Rock Hill was named by my four year old.  Our hikes on the trails of the National Park are some of his fondest memories these past few months.  You can see Rock Hill from almost any place in the Valley and he points over and declares that he hikes that mountain.  My proud little man.
The further I get from WIFI the more grounded I feel I become.  Going for hikes and breathing in the sweet smell of fresh air, high above the city lights is exactly what I need.  More so it is exactly what kids need. 

More adventure, less screen time.


My Yoga Practice is exactly that, practice.  I am constantly working on getting my form better and relishing in a little quiet time.  Taking a few deep breaths in each pose and just letting my mind be free.
My favorite pose is crow- a pose I learned a long time ago in a sweet little before school program ran by my elementary physical education teacher.  Thank you Ms. Woods- I can rock a crow pose twenty-five years later.
I LOVE my new JOY Leggings from Confused Girl in the City.  They are just the right amount of thickness and are breezy enough to hike Rock Hill with my kids.  Grab a pair of your own- HERE. Plus there is a fabulous Coupon Code below.
From the Founder:
“The pattern on the leggings are images taken from various stones. I decided to call this pair JOY because every time I look at them, that is exactly how I feel. This is truly Mother Nature’s gift.”

4 Way Stretch; Moisture Wicking; Breathable Material & Made in: Los Angeles, CA

Confused Girl in the City

COUPON CODE: 15% off coupon code “Bye Felicia”

My two close favorites? Peace Leggings & Balance Leggings

Don’t forget to get OUTSIDE.  Find your joy surrounded by nature.  Cacti, the purple mountains, and the sounds of sweet footsteps out on the trail make me happy.

Find your happy.

How do you find your joy?

What yoga pose is your favorite?

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Arizona Ren Festival 2016

Fabulous day with my favorites. Turkey legs, chicken on a stick, corn on the cob, jousts, and rides at the Arizona Ren Festival. The swashbuckler Sir Francis Drake & Robin Hood were dashing and the Knights fought gloriously. 


Chicken on a stick, Turkey leg, two ears of corn, and plenty of bottled water made for a memorable (albeit messy) mealtime at the Arizona Ren Festival.  Note: You can bring a bottle of water (unopened) per person and a small stash of baby wipes will go a long way out in the middle of the desert.


“Mom is that a pirate?” My history lesson’s told me he was an explorer… But he said he was a scallawag and ladies man. Apparently, my history books lied. “Why yes-yes he is a pirate.” Sir Francis Drake


Robin Hood was definitely the kid’s favorite “hero” other than the knights.


Corn on the Cob- Em had almost TWO whole ears.


The turkey leg that is clearly a meal for two or three.


The Pirate Ride

Four pirates propelled us and they dueled with wooden swords while we spun round and round.  They made our little ship laugh and laugh.  We were attacked, broadsided, and boarded-all while laughing so hard I got a side-ache.  So nice to see pure joy on the kid’s faces.


Both kids YELLED The Black Knight (from Scooby Doo) and asked for a photo with the real deal.




Our Green Knight was almost victorious in the Jousting Competition.  The kids really got into cheering for our knight and the fact that there was so much pageantry sitting right above us.


Our trip ended with a sweet nap on the ride home that carried over to the couch.

Fun For the Whole Family

The Arizona Renaissance Festival is a medieval amusement park, a 13-stage theater, a 30-acre circus, an arts and crafts fair, a jousting tournament and a feast — all rolled into one non-stop, day-long family adventure!

Check out our adventures from last year- Arizona Renaissance Festival

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NCAA Tournament: U of A

Pick your brackets for the tourney! The University of Arizona, my beloved Wildcats are tourney bound and I am excited to see how my NCAA Tournament Bracket holds up this year!  Check out my picks for this year and play along!Arizona-Wildcats-NCAA-tournament

Arizona Wildcats

Watch the entire NCAA tournament unfold on your bracket. After you make your initial selections and confirm, Yahoo Sports Tourney Pick ‘Em will automatically update each game and show you whether your selections were right or wrong.


I went with picks based on my love for the PAC-12, teams from my home state of Washington, AND schools that I like… definitely a science to it. You can check out my NCAA Bracket- HERE.  Seriously now, I love watching College Basketball-as long as the teams are good sports and there is little showboating-I am a coach at heart and want the kids I root for to be good role models.  That matters.


Raymond has been on a basketball kick as his friends from school like playing on the playground.  Dribbling is where it’s at right now and shooting from, “Downtown…” he perhaps picked that up from me.  Either way, I say over and over again that it doesn’t matter who wins, it just matters that you had fun playing.

It is a game after all.

Favorite Mom Moment the last week? Raymond word for word repeating the saying above to Emma as we played UNO.  I’m doing something right.

You can download the Yahoo Fantasy Sports App.

SIGN UP BEFORE MARCH 17 to participate in the complete bracket.

Who are you cheering for in the NCAA Tournament?

Bear Down Arizona

Dressing for Spring & Summer: ShopPinkBlush

The weather out here in the desert is heating up and the flowers are blooming out by the cacti. Love my fabulous new find from ShopPinkBlush. The color is my POWER color-the color that I LOVE to ROCK when I need an extra boost of confidence.  The Basic Chiffon Dress comes in many fabulous colors… which one would you choose?


I love how the Basic Magenta Chiffon Dress from PinkBlush comes with a double layer-no cling issue and an extra layer of protection against moisture.  I tend to get a bit sweaty(don’t we all in 110+ degree weather?) and am grateful that my glow will not effect my dress. Definite win.


ShopPinkBlush is a Women’s Online Boutique that features a full line of Women & Maternity options.  The Basic Chiffon Dress has a fabulous tie in the back that would let the dress grow with a bump and goodness knows the fabric is soft and breathable-exactly what you want when you are pregnant in the warmer months (I know from experience).


Love the wedges with the dress.  Comfortable and heels are the only ones in my closet. Wedges and I have a long history together.  I don’t see that ending anytime soon.

Check out the PinkBlush Boutique for my cute dresses for women!  I definitely have a growing list of favorites!

Trendy Boutiques Online– Shop for new Spring & Summer styles!

What color is YOUR power color?

I bet it comes in the Basic Chiffon Dress… just saying.

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