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NCAA Tournament: U of A

Pick your brackets for the tourney! The University of Arizona, my beloved Wildcats are tourney bound and I am excited to see how my NCAA Tournament Bracket holds up this year!  Check out my picks for this year and play along!Arizona-Wildcats-NCAA-tournament

Arizona Wildcats

Watch the entire NCAA tournament unfold on your bracket. After you make your initial selections and confirm, Yahoo Sports Tourney Pick ‘Em will automatically update each game and show you whether your selections were right or wrong.


I went with picks based on my love for the PAC-12, teams from my home state of Washington, AND schools that I like… definitely a science to it. You can check out my NCAA Bracket- HERE.  Seriously now, I love watching College Basketball-as long as the teams are good sports and there is little showboating-I am a coach at heart and want the kids I root for to be good role models.  That matters.


Raymond has been on a basketball kick as his friends from school like playing on the playground.  Dribbling is where it’s at right now and shooting from, “Downtown…” he perhaps picked that up from me.  Either way, I say over and over again that it doesn’t matter who wins, it just matters that you had fun playing.

It is a game after all.

Favorite Mom Moment the last week? Raymond word for word repeating the saying above to Emma as we played UNO.  I’m doing something right.

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Who are you cheering for in the NCAA Tournament?

Bear Down Arizona