Daily Archives: May 6, 2016

Do You Want to Be My Friend?

As he walked happily across the playground seeking out new friendship, I simply saw his heart.  He wore his big heart out there for everyone to see, always.


“Would you like to be my friend?” he asked the boy about his age.

“NO!” said the boy as he laughed and ran back up the play structure.

My son’s shoulders dropped.  His gaze fell to the ground.

We’ve all been there.

Put ourselves out there, openly, only to be shutdown.

When do we learn to bury our heart?

At four, I’ve seen bullies, name-calling, sarcastic responses and a lack for all others feelings.  It starts at four.

I would like to think that this perhaps is just a few souls that are just mean.  Although, my teacher instincts know this to be learned behavior from those closest.


How do I teach my son to always choose kindness?  Kindness matters. Always.

As I watched his shattered little heart walk back toward me I thought about what to say, how to make it better.  A large hug and a big kiss on the forehead.  “Mom, why doesn’t he want to be my friend?” I heard myself say that, “Some people just aren’t kind and that’s okay.  We choose who to be with and be around.  You can go choose to make another friend.  Go try again sweetheart.”

Sure enough he once more walked toward another child on the playground and this time his heart was matched.  A friendship was struck and his heart was heeled.



Goodness am I ever thankful for the fast rebound rate.


How do you deal with disappointment as a parent?  As a person?



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