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Summer Style Inspiration- with Pandora

Summer Style Inspirations with BRIGHT color combinations-perfect for pairing with this next season’s trends.  Love the look of layering my jewelry and the Pandora Bracelets are easy to mix and match with the new leather bands.  Check out the sale below and grab your FREE band today!


Style inspiration for PANDORA Summer Collection

I love the versatility of these warm summer pieces.  The POP of brightness is exactly what I want as the temperatures heat up out here in the desert.  Feels like I should be on a tropical island with this fun arm candy.


Reeds & Pandora

There are SO many different options available to choose from… which ones would you choose? Find the combinations- HERE.


Summer Style

Yes it may be in the hundreds but that doesn’t mean that I can’t wear my favorite pieces out at night.  Everywhere I go has the AC down to 65 degrees and goodness do I love these skinny jeans and chambray.


Pandora & Reed


Summer Ready

I’ve already received compliments on the new sets and love how easy they are to pair with my fun, new pieces for summer.  Better yet?  You can get a leather bracelet for FREE!

Check out all of the information for the Reeds & Pandora Event and grab yours STAT.

Which color combination is your favorite?

What style trend are you excited to try this summer?

I can’t wait to break out the summer heels!  A good wedge is always in style.

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Summer Soccer Camp

Summer Soccer Camp in the Valley of the Sun!  Love that indoor soccer while the temperatures are in the triple digits are available to us.  The Challenger British Soccer Camp was a hit again and Raymond TRULY LOVES soccer now.Challenger-British-Soccer-Camp-Player

Honestly, there is not much worth playing if you don’t LOVE what you’re doing.  At four he should LOVE everything he is doing-as really it is all about the fun of the game.  Sportsmanship, playing with your team, and learning the basic skills to be successful in the regular season come second to FUN.


The British Soccer Coach, Jon, did a wonderful job wrangling a surly bunch of 4, 5, and 6 year olds.  The games were HILARIOUS and I was so proud that Raymond listened to his coach this year and wanted to play in every game with his friends.soccer-hair

You can find more information about the Challenger British Soccer Camps HERE.

Don’t forget to check out my MUST HAVES that you need for soccer camp.  I am thankful that sunscreen is not on our list out here in the desert!  Indoor for the win!

What were your favorite summer activities to do as a kid?

Would love to hear from you!

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