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Summer Vacation Memories: How to Store Photos

Summer Vacation is HERE.  Well school starts up soon in the Valley of the Sun but we are enjoying the time outside together as much as possible.  Today I am sharing a fabulous way to SAVE all of your media in one easy to remember place so that those iPhone photos don’t disappear forever if they accidentally take a swim in the pool or if your laptop has an encounter with an iced Diet Coke… not pointing fingers…. BUT- better safe than sorry!

Check out my FAVORITE memories of the summer so far and enter to WIN a package from MiMedia to store ALL of your favorite memories.mimedia-photo-storage

Just Keep Swimming

When you live in the Valley of the Sun you know that summer is meant to be spent in water.  Pools, lazy rivers, lakes, and rivers are definitely key in keeping your cool.  I’ve worked really hard at teaching both of my little ones pool safety this year and we are working on swimming.  LOVE that look in their eyes when they realize they’ve just mastered something that five minutes ago, they didn’t believe they would ever be able to do.


Splash Pad Fun

Local splash pads and lazy rivers are an easy way to enjoy a summer day in the triple digits.  My two little ones love being able to hit the slides or the whirlpool with mom.

Summer days and nights are long.  So after I get them tucked into bed the last thing I want to do is worry about storing the TONS of photos from our daily adventures.  I’m grateful MiMedia has made a one stop shop so that I can click it and forget it with my storage.

MiMedia is the personal cloud you’ve always wanted. All the photos, videos, music and documents you care most about in one spot – safe, organized and accessible always on all devices (phone, tablet and web), iOS and Android. One of the biggest differentiators of MiMedia is how easy it is to organize your digital files in one fell swoop. I started with the Desktop Application, which found all of my photos, videos, music and documents on my laptop, and uploaded them to my MiMedia cloud. I was then able to use the one-click import from Facebook, Dropbox, Google+, and more.  ALL of my media is now successfully stored in the MiMedia Cloud.


Family Art Time

MiMedia is committed to utilizing the highest level of encryption and security available on the market which is incredibly important to me.



10 GB

  • 2,500 photos
  • 125 videos
  • 2,000 songs
  • 10,000 documents


500 GB

$7.99/month or $85 annually

  • 125,000 photos
  • 6,250 videos
  • 100,000 songs
  • 500,000 documents


1 TB

$9.99/month or $100.00 annually

  • 250,000 photos
  • 12,500 videos
  • 200,000 songs
  •  1,000,000 documents


Old West

I’ve been successfully using MiMedia for nearly two months and I am grateful that should the worst happen to my beloved laptop, that I will have YEARS of our lives saved.



WIN a FREE one year Basic 500GB MiMedia plan (valued at $85.00)

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To try out MiMedia for free?

Use the code TheMotherhood -(not case sensitive) when you sign up for MiMedia. By including this code, new users will receive a free 10GB MiMedia account, special promotions and information on contests, as well as exclusive access to try new features through an opt-in program.

What are your favorite summer memories?

Would love to hear from you!

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Thank you to MiMedia for sponsoring today’s post.  As always all opinions are always 100% my own.


San Diego Zoo 100th Anniversary

Summer is here!  Celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the San Diego Zoo with your friends and family.  Escape the heat of the Valley of the Sun and head out West.  The Zoo is chock full of fabulous night time hours and special events that are perfect to enjoy with those of all ages.

San Diego Zoo 100

San Diego Zoo Celebration

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest we were surrounded by wildlife and spent many hours at the local Zoos and Wildlife Centers working on helping endangered species and incredible education programs.  I am beyond grateful that my mother spent the time to chase after three young girls in the rain on our multiple trips to the zoo every week.

As soon as I became a mother it was important to me to make sure that I gave the same opportunities to my children that I was afforded at such a young age.  Sure getting ready for the zoo with young kids, navigating the zoo, and the epic clean-up can leave you exhausted… but just LOOK at their faces.


Zoo Adventures

The wonder.

That is what childhood is all about.

As a parent it is my job to give them opportunities to learn, grow, and recognize the sense of adventure that is right before them.  Every day is an adventure.  It is all about perspective.


The legacy of San Diego Zoo Global began with the powerful roar of a lone lion nearly 100 years ago—a roar that inspired a local physician to start a zoo with animals abandoned after an international exposition in Balboa Park. That solitary roar and that single encounter between one lion and one man has echoed through time, creating an unparalleled visitor experience and a historic century of leadership in animal care and exhibition.



Help End Extinction
The San Diego Zoo is more than a zoo. It is an establishment that stands on principles of helping protect wildlife, end extinction, and foster life-long relationships for people with wild animals and wild places.

Visit the San Diego Zoo Centennial celebration for yourself with the family, and use the ticket page to visit the zoo!

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