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Saving my Saturday {& Sanity}


Poolside Weekend Memories

Having to waste time with the drive, the lines, the angry shoppers, and the weather (hello triple digits) does not spell a happy start to the weekend.  At least not MY weekend.  Instead, waking up, making my oh-so- necessary cup of joe and the always entertaining waffles with fruit faces is a better use of my time and talents.  Those Picasso faces will be cute for only so long …and they are made with a LOT of love. This time with them is EXACTLY what I crave.



Cannonballs AHOY

The giggles, the endless amounts of sunscreen being dolloped on, and the epic cannonballs are creating lasting memories that I hope they carry with for a lifetime.  I hope they understand how much it meant to me to have this time with them.  That I always jumped in the pool, that there was never a “too good hair” day to mess up and that I have not one ounce of regret for the scraggly do that I always end up with after a fun-filled day in the water.

Messes Make Memories

I do my best to make trips to the store fun… scavenger hunts for the items on the list and even singing and dancing (yes, I am THAT person).  But shopping and swimming will never be in the same ballpark let alone memory for my children.


LOVED the Warning- Was Necessary

Sure enough two weeks ago we ran out of toilet paper AND Kleenex.  Hooray for the fact that since potty training we rarely have mistakes… but we go through SO much more toilet paper than I thought necessary.  Add in a few dust storms that have us constantly reaching for the tissues and this mom was worried about messing up our critical plans- swimming.


My Google Express Haul

I prefer to save money and will ALWAYS shop the Big Box Stores for paper goods and water bottles.  Money is tight and I save where I can.  So being able to scroll through the usual items I get from Costco and Smart & Final on Google Express made this mom’s life just that much easier.  Honestly, life is hard right now.  Google Express is easy.

I no longer have to make the trek to the Big Box Stores to receive the same products I have been purchasing for years.  I simply added in my Costco Card Number and BOOM received the same discount.  Plus you can qualify for Free Shipping from each store depending on your purchases.  So I saved time, money, gas, and my sanity.  Talk about a helpful way to shop from my phone.  I added in the items I wanted while rocking Emma to sleep.  I literally shopped with one hand while being able to cuddle my little one as she had a rough night.

Sure I ended up covered in drool, but life is too short.  I will hold her whenever she needs the extra snuggle.


Holding the Nose

So what would you do with all of that extra time?  The extra gas?  The extra money?

Would you use it wisely?  Perhaps you should think about what memories meant the most to you and spend it doing an activity that creates those precious connections with those you hold most dear.  That is exactly what I did.


That’s My Girl

Cannonballs for life.

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What would you do on Saturday with all of the extra FREE time?

Would love to hear from you!

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