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Back to School: Box Tops for Education

As a teacher I KNOW how much supplies cost each school year for the classroom.  As a parent I KNOW how much supplies cost for my child as we start another school year.  There are definitely simple ways to save each year and we always, always take care to make sure that the little things we buy (that add up over time) help out our local school.


For the past two years I have taken the time to rip, cut, and tear those Box Tops for Education out of our supplies.  The majority of our pantry and paper products contain those fabulous little money makers.  BOTH kids love bringing them into school and I love making sure that we are doing all we can to help our class and school.


Box Tops for Education are literally the easiest way to help the schools in your district.  I spend hundreds of dollars a year for my own classroom when teaching and send my preschooler in with a few hundred as well throughout the year.  Food allergies are no joke people.  Safe supplies and cleaning tools cost A LOT and are all out of pocket.box-tops-for-education-viva-walmart

Well, I hit Walmart for some staples and to grab the Birthday Girl some balloons last week and picked up these amazing bundles with TONS of extra Box Tops for Education. My little girl was ALMOST happier with the fact that she had a brand new batch of  “tickets” to give to Mrs. Brown, almost.kleenex-box-tops-for-education

Kleenex for Box Tops for Education

Both kids loved picking out where all of the LOUD and brightly colored boxes should be… one ended up in each of their rooms.  Hilarious watching them style the house.


Viva for Box Tops for Education

Love finding paper towels that can actually wipe away messes… I mean messes make memories… and goodness can a 3 and 4 year old make messes.  Morning art time and afternoon activities make for one messy and hopefully memorable childhood.

Box Tops for Education has greatly benefited schools in our area. Whether it is the need to purchase books, computers, playground equipment for anything in between. Box Tops for Education has been helping schools across the nation since 1996. Check out Kleenex, Scott and Viva products which are available at Walmart for double the back to school box top earnings!

Don’t forget to choose wisely when shopping for Back to School.  Choose products that help teachers and students right in your very neighborhood.  As a teacher and parent I KNOW it matters.  Every little bit helps.

How do you save for Back to School?

Do you participate in Box Tops for Education?

Would love to hear from you!

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