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Back to School: Sleep Now

Today I am going to share what helped me when we got back into the swing of things when school went back into session in July.  That’s right- year round school calendar out here in the Valley of the Sun- which works well as we get glorious time off during the fall and winter months that are MUCH more friendly temperature wise.


First Day of School

Back to School Basics- To Help Parents

Now that some of you are getting back into school schedules and school activities, I thought I’d share with you helpful hints that could ease the transition back into the school routine for your family.

1) Start the back to school transition a week before school starts.

Wake up, have the kids eat a healthy breakfast, get changed, and BOOM.  Make sure it happens before you need to hit the road-bus-sidewalk.

My little guy likes to take his sweet time with just about everything.  I am actually grateful he wakes up so early as we need all of that available time to get ready in the morning before we are off to preschool.



2) Regulate Your Sleep- take Natrol Melatonin to help regulate healthy sleep patterns.

What?!? Go to sleep at a normal time?  What is normal anyways?  I make sure to have all the kids clothes picked out the night before, along with permission slips signed, and snack bag ready.  Being a food-allergy parent means there are a couple of other steps each day and a few extra items each week-but it is all worth it.

I have heard wonderful things about taking Natrol Melatonin and plan on talking to my doctor about incorporating into my life in the future to help with more restful and healthy sleep.

Sleep is SO necessary.

3) Get organized – organize your morning the night before, create a master calendar of after-school activities.

I have a paper calendar and a digital calendar to coincide with school, play-dates, appointments, work, and after-school activities.  I also like to use my fabulous crock-pot 2-3 times a week.  I just set it and forget it in the morning and come dinnertime we feast on a family approved recipe.  White Chicken Chili is the favorite right now.  Can’t wait to share the family recipe here soon as Fall is sneaking on up.


From my sponsor:

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Put Your BEST Fuzzy Foot Forward

Remember that it takes awhile for little ones… even teenagers to get into a routine.  Hopefully with a little planning and some extra shut-eye you can conquer that first week of school!

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What are your tips for easing into the Back to School routine?

Would love to hear from you!

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