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Oh My Hair: Irresistible Me

Shhh I have a little secret… Guess who can add in some fabulous hair volume whenever I feel like it? THIS GIRL. For years I wanted the ability to add some oomph to my locks and with Irresistible Me I can.  My hair game is on point now and I literally have NO IDEA why it took years for me to do this,


They are real hair extensions and the quality is seamless.  I love that the hair texture can be styled with my own for a more seamless look and the color options were amazing.

When it comes to the color I would also recommend taking a few minutes and watching this video that shows you all the colors we have side by side so that you can compare and see the differences and be able to choose the color that matches your hair easily, just to make sure you get the right shade for you.

I watched this video a couple of times and it definitely made me feel a ton more confident when ordering.


The 100 human hair extensions come individually packed with one specially marked for you to open so you can gauge if the color that you bought will work for you.  You ONLY open that package and check.  Mine was perfect so I happily opened the rest and promptly went onto the Irresistible Me website to learn how to put these beauties in.


I would say that it took me a week of trying every day and it went from taking me 30-45 minutes down to nearly just five minutes.  Big learning curve for this girl and I couldn’t be happier!  Friends and family members have already purchased a set of their own after seeing it in person… honestly I love how I feel with the extra volume.

I will never, not have these for the rest of my life…. they are THAT spectacular.

To check out some recent Fall Fashion shots with my Irresistible Me extensions in check out my Instagram.

Cozy, Comfy Fall Fashion 


If you have any specific questions please email me or ask below!

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Four Ingredient Delicious Pasta Dinner

Who else wants to learn to cook the Tuscan Way? A few simple ingredients and layers of flavor make for bold taste every time. Join me in the kitchen as I make one of my favorite meals extra tasty the Bertolli Tuscan Way. Four simple ingredients that will have your family asking for seconds!



Bertolli Pasta- The Tuscan Way


Francesco Bertolli created a whole brand surrounding the simplicity of the Tuscan Way. As a busy mother and teacher finding meals to make that are healthy, fresh AND will be eaten by all is hard to come by sometimes.  I love cooking pasta and adding in just a few ingredients to make the meal just a little more savory.

The Tuscan Way celebrates a few key ingredients, cooked lightly in olive oil, to lock in layers of flavor in every dish.


Bertolli Olive Oil and Garlic Sauce

Ingredient List

Pasta- GF Pasta for our family

Bertolli Olive Oil and Garlic

Fresh Mizithra Cheese- Grated

Olive Oil- Just a dash or two

A few key ingredients + layers of flavor = bold taste. I love how simple, fast and healthy this dish is.  The added layers of olive oil, sauce, and cheese make these a hearty meal that always has the family coming back for round two.

Easy to meal plan for the week when you only need a few ingredients on hand for an entire dinner.  Don’t forget to grab a Bertolli Sauce for pasta dinner this week.  The chunks of garlic? Make my heart happy.

Check out this cooking school on cooking The Tuscan Way.


What is your favorite pasta dinner recipe?

Please share!


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20 Minute Teacher Lunch

For many of us eating healthy during the work week requires some meal planning and prep.  I am definitely the person that gets cranky without food OR my beloved cold brew coffee.  Since being cranky at work helps no one- I’ve taken it upon myself to make sure there are plenty of healthy meal options prepped and always, always a batch of cold brew brewing in the fridge.


Twenty Minute Teacher Lunch

Lunch time as a teacher consists of clearing out the classroom and prepping for the next class.  I answer emails, update the class website, and try to eat my lunch in a little under twenty minutes each day.  I do not have time for anything that requires prep at school as those minutes are precious.

Thankful that the Reynolds™ Disposable Heat & Eat containers exist.  I am able to prep a batch of oven baked chicken, plank salmon, and even throw a round cut steak on the weekend.  I roast veggies and add in fresh rosemary, garlic, and a pinch of pepper to all of the recipes.  For now I have been eating the salmon cold at work… because the teacher workroom should smell like a teacher workroom and not like Pike’s Place Market in Seattle.  Do NOT break Teacher Code.  You will be shamed.  Resonably so.


Reynolds™ Disposable Heat & Eat

The Reynolds™ Disposable Heat & Eat containers are a great alternative to plastic and I love that I can toss them in the trash right as the kids come back in from lunch.  The Reynolds™ Disposable Heat & Eat containers are made with plant fibers which is noticable in the texture of the main container-definitely a win.

Apparently we are allowed to have our own microwaves AND fridges in our rooms- WHAT?!? Spied those in a fellow teacher’s room and now I am working on getting my own.  So then I will be able to heat up my salmon to my little heart’s desire.  The kids may not like it… but I will. Love that the Reynolds™ Disposable Heat & Eat containers are perfect for the microwave.  I’m in the market- any good deals out there?

No need to clean Reynolds™ Disposable Heat & Eat containers as they get tossed in the trash right before the last bell rings.  I may need to bring 100 essays home… but worrying about my lunch supplies? Nope. Not now.



Pick up these Reynolds™ Disposable Heat & Eat Containers at your local Walmart today. You can find them in the aisle by the Reynolds Wrap. COUPON HERE.

What do you eat during the work week?

I am prepping for White Chicken Chili- one of my Fall Favorites! YUM.


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