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Give the Gift of Music with Fender



Fender Play’s song-first approach to learning basics and then chords and rifts as opposed to theory based learning, focused on scale.  Jumping straight into music that I can recognize is instantly gratifying.

Instant Gratification?!?



My Grandfather was the Leader of the Band.  He was with Glenn Miller and then moved on to teaching band before eventually becoming Superintendent. Our family has a deep love for music and I am sure grateful that companies are making it much more user friendly to learn music.  It’s on my time, where and when I can play.  I can’t wait to see what the kids think when they start recognizing music that we listen to.


Now if only someone could teach me the timing to singing along WITH the music?  That would be lovely.

Tone deaf for life though.

Fender Play uses a micro-learning approach in which lessons are taught via bite-size 10-12 minute videos perfect for keeping players focused and motivated. Fender Play uses a structured approach that free YouTube videos may not and shows progress tracking.


You can give the gift of music with Fender Play this holiday season, by purchasing gift cards awarding recipients 6 or 12 months of free lessons.


Share the gift of music with their loved ones through holiday inspired, prepaid gift card options with Fender Play.

What song would you want to learn how to play? A couple Eagle’s, some slow country, and a few pop songs are on my running list.

Would LOVE to hear from you!

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