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Adulting 101: Fix your 401k


Oh adulthood, aren’t thou a heartless wench.

But really… who prepares us for this?  I do not remember anyone in school- any school- talking about retirement.  As a high school teacher I am working on teaching real world skills within my discipline so that the one’s I teach are better equipped for the harsh reality of the Real World.  Long gone are the Home Economics classes or even the Auto Shop classes that I was able to take.  They are not tested by the Government and therefore money is taken from those readiness programs and moved toward teaching to the test. Sad day my friends.


I can check an engine, discuss problems thoroughly with a mechanic, and change a tire.  Life skills friends.  Life skills.


But I digress.  Here I am at 32 and I am working on educating myself on retirement and my 401K.  The people at BLOOOM understand the great disparity in information.  As a teacher I do not have the ability, nor the need for a typical Money Manager. BLOOOM makes it easier for you to understand where you are with your 401k and what you should be looking to do in the future.

401k Life Hack

Life Hack for the WIN

For a small, monthly fee of $10, you can receive financial advice that fits my needs.


BLOOOM even has a FREE 401K analysis you can take- I did and it was QUITE enlightening.


Have you had a chance to check out your 401K?

Were you able to take a “Real World” Class in school?

Would LOVE to hear from you!

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