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Arizona Fall Festival: Vertuccio Farms

The weather is promising to cool down here in Arizona State and I am holding it to that promise.  I have BIG plans for our family this Fall Festival Season and definitely will not let a little hot weather get in the way!

We checked off another item on our Fall Bucket List(Free Printable) this past week.

Our family had the BEST night at Vertuccio Farms! 



Vertuccio Farms Fall Festival

Hours of fun! Can’t wait to share with you all of the new activities at the farm this year!  My belly hurts from laughing so hard and I made some pretty fabulous laugh lines.

Laugh lines are a mark of good memories.


Our family has made the quick trip out to Vertuccio Farms for the past three years!  The farm is a MUST on our Fall Bucket List.  Last we had two kids-two and under.  You can take a look at what to expect with little ones-HERE.



The first ride you immediately encounter made both kids do a mad-dash-sprint… the beloved Barrel Train Ride.  The kids both plopped into their own barrels and immediately set about putting on their own seat-belts.  Larry was our tour guide and he was just the sweetest!  He genuinely has a way with kids and I don’t think I’ve ever been treated so well at a Fall Festival.  He led us around the farm and both kids held on yelling, “Yeehaawww!!!” oh and I chimed in too.  Can’t let the kids have all the fun!

Parent Sidenote:

We are in a phase of, “I do everything myself,” with the two year old. So if you see Emma Marie with a Ninja Turtle shirt, mix-matched socks, and shorts on backwards?  Well, she is just a proud peacock.  And to each their own.  Better to be able to do those things(she just turned two) rather than getting to preschool without such life-skills.

I choose my own battles.

The Grain Train

Right after the Barrel Ride we ran over to the Grain Train(new last year) and took a relaxing ride out around the farm and back by the corn.


Grain Train Grins


Pedal Race Cars

The Pedal Cars are continuously a hit with Raymond.  He made it his mission to complete a lap around the track and with a little bit of help from Nana he raced around the track!  Emma Marie thought for sure her legs should reach the pedals-soon enough little girl-but was just happy to be in her own car.


Fall Family Festival


Our trip in the corn maze was brief… needed to replenish on water- BUT it felt 20 degrees colder and the kids loved racing around the corners and finding clues.  Scratching off the clues were pretty priceless and we vowed as a family to come back and CONQUER the maze!


Important Conversations
vertuccio-farms-arizona-jumping-pillowThe Extreme Air Pillow

Why yes, that is me about to bounce both of my kids sky high.  No shame in my parent game.  Wear comfy clothes and play.  For goodness sake, play and get dirty!  You are at a farm.  Make memories and laugh lines.

Literally an hour spent bouncing.  An hour of bouncing is good for the soul.



Perfect for little ones. 


Farm Animals

She loves fiercely. Her favorite parts of the farm are where she gets to help animals. Scratching a pot-bellied pig-feeding a mommy goat with two twins jumping on her back.

If I’ve ever seen a mom “done” before in the animal kingdom it was last night… “Jump on my back one more time and see what happens…” -universal parenting moment.

We spent the last hour of our trip just making sure we said, “Hi!” to all of the animals.  Love watching them learn to nurture and care for animals.  We played with water tables, raced down the incredibly high slides, and spent quality time as a family!


Spider Web Sandwich


Pumpkin Picking

Raymond was smitten with picking out pumpkins. No trip to the farm is complete without a couple pumpkins.

Sharing some of their finds.  Both kids would’ve loaded up our car with all of their favorites.  Thankfully we all settled for one pie pumpkin and a baby.  

When it came time to head home instead of carrying the pumpkins Raymond opted for the wheelbarrow.  Plenty of helping hands made it an easy hike to the car with their precious cargo!  Definitely can not wait to go back again!

Keep Updated and Follow  Vertuccio Farms on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

The Farm runs several giveaways on social media and this is definitely a Fall Festival you don’t want to miss!

During our trip I shared all about some sweet special moments on Instagram– would love for you to follow along as I share all about our adventures in parenting-the triumphs, the tears, and motherhood.

What Fall Activity are you most excited about?  Would love to add another to the Bucket List!

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