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Arizona Science Center: Gridiron Exhibit{& GIVEAWAY}

Our last visit to the Arizona Science Center was a complete family affair with Emma Marie in the Ergo.  This time Raymond and I got to go on a day date together to see the Gridiron Exhibit.  As we walked in Raymond started talking all about the Mummies that we saw last time-definitely an impressionable experience!


Our first stop at the museum was to grab our wristbands and meet-up with our friends.  Raymond watched patiently as we waited to be escorted to a classroom to learn all about Liquid Nitrogen and perhaps BLOW a couple things up.

I love science.



Raymond sat with the big kids on one side of the classroom and instantly aged himself ten years.  Where did my baby go???  He listened intently as our Science Instructor talked about Liquid Nitrogen.  We saw balloons BLOW up and gas explosions.  Pretty darn impressive for a three year old.  I was worried that he may or may not get too close to the dangerous gas but he did just fine.  I definitely felt like a rookie parent for a couple minutes.  First time watching my child learn with other kids and behave like an elementary school student.



Science is pretty marvelous.  I loved that we were able to experience a hands-on experiment right away.  Raymond and the other kids ran around through the liquid nitrogen mist and squealed in glee.  Never Stop Wondering.




After our Science Experiments were complete we headed up to Gridiron Glory: The Best of The Pro Football Hall of Fame. So excited that we are giving away two family packs of tickets to this amazing hands-on experience.



Arizona Science Center:


Jump into the game in the most extensive exhibition ever built about America’s most popular sport, Gridiron Glory: The Best of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. With over 200 of the rarest artifacts from the Pro Football Hall of Fame, including legendary gear, photos, and documents chronicling the cultural phenomenon that is football today. Featuring NFL Films video footage and a series of interactive displays, Gridiron Glory tackles the science behind the game. This groundbreaking exhibition puts visitors in the game alongside football’s greatest legends!​

The Gridiron Glory Exhibit runs through May 3rd so go check it out before it’s gone!  So many hands-on activities for the WHOLE family to enjoy!  I loved reading about the history of the game, along with how the protective gear has changed, and hopefully will continue to change for the better.  Safety first when it comes to sports!  As a former high school coach concussions were always a scary reality.  It is our responsibility and duty to keep our players safe while out on the field.  I am excited and hopeful for what science can bring to the game in the coming years-especially as my little ones grow up.


Raymond just couldn’t believe that the football players were THAT big!  I guess the Arizona Wildcats and Seattle Seahawks don’t appear to be as monstrous as they are in real-life as they are on TV in our living room.  We all took turns fitting into the massive chasms created by some seriously strong men.  So great to see the real size of the players up close and personal.



Raymond and I easily spent thirty minutes trying on helmets.  So much fun to talk about play running with him and how coaches call the plays from the sideline and NOW through a radio transmission.  Loved how technology has changed the game and the level of competitiveness-talk about some cheating players WAY back when-and the first head cams started back in the 1990s… who knew the GO PRO was old news?!?



There were two sets of shoulder pads we tried on and this was definitely a good time.  The pads slip up against the wall so kids(and ahem adults) can try them on for size.  I loved experiencing all of the things I’ve never been able to and this was pretty priceless.  Helmet hair and then the shoulder pads- 1980s called and they wanted their style back.  Thankful that Raymond didn’t mind my faux pas.



The Arizona Science Center is full of “touchable” exhibits perfect for kids of all ages and this one was wild(footballs EVERYWHERE).  Raymond took turns with a couple other kids on working on passing it to the receiver.  I may or may not have yelled touchdown a couple of times.  Celebrate the victories.  Even the pretend ones.


So perhaps we decided to kick the game winning field goal– 15 times.  And for those of you wondering I repeated over and over, “Laces out!” like a crazy person while chuckling to myself- Ace Ventura anyone?  I took a couple of kicks with my sandals on… sneakers are definitely preferred FYI.


I got chills walking into the theater-esque of this room.  Surround sound with the best plays in the last couple of decades.  Raymond immediately gravitated toward the Lombardi Trophy.  He simply laid his hand down on the case and stared in awe.  You are surrounded by the greatest of the great players, their jerseys, their moments in football history.  I loved the whole experience.


So next time we go to the Science Center I will be sure to bring my camera bag-or SOMETHING waterproof.  Raymond got to experience the Forces of Nature which included a hurricane, monsoon(complete with downpour), tornado, volcano eruption(hello heat lamps), and earthquake.  It was pretty incredible.  Thunder and lightning just cracked so he covered his ears.  Loved being able to walk through four stories of exhibits with him.  But this definitely will be talked about for months to come.

az science center


We always, always finish our trip to the Arizona Science Center with a visit to the Spheres & Gears Water Fun outside.  It just beckons to you when you enter the center BUT as most moms know- it’s fun to get wet. And I save that for last.  The best for last? Perhaps.  But definitely the messiest for last.  We walked away soaked and happy.  Perfect day date. And now on to the giveaway!



Enter to win one of two sets of family passes to the Gridiron Glory Exhibit at the Arizona Science Center.




Please enter using the Rafflecopter below.  Giveaway is open from 3/25/15-3/31/15 at MIDNIGHT.

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Did you grow up watching football with your family?  Have you been to the Arizona Science Center?  


Would love to hear from you!   



Disclaimer: I was provided the opportunity to visit the AZ Science Center through a campaign with Blended Extended. All opinions are my own.

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  1. I’m jealous…Dont get me wrong, one on one time with Em was incredible and going to the park was great! She had fun in the bike trailer and went on the swings for about 40 minutes, giggling the entire time. But we didnt get to kick the winning goal or pass for a touchdown! Next time Em, next time.

  2. My boys would love this exhibit we all love football and the Science Center is also a blast. We haven’t been in awhile but the Science Center is always fun for everyone even the hubby and I.

  3. Can go and visit fun places too many times. Sounds amazing – count me in!!!!