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Attitude Adjustment

Last Monday- early in the morning I sat there just pitifully feeling sorry for myself.  My hair dryer broke- great get to spend money on that- Sprained my ankle badly carrying the 37lb monstrosity of the Toddler in our backyard- Our ceiling in our living room started leaking(AGAIN)- that is the third time in the two years we have lived here- PITY PARTY PITY PARTY.

Then a serious wake up call happened.


The Boston Marathon was bombed by terrorists.


When the Toddler woke up from his nap I spent the rest of the day just counting my blessings.


Yes- my heart is having a hard time-but we have an amazing Doctor who is trying to figure everything out.

The hair dryer broke- seriously? Why did this make me so upset? It is just a hair dryer. Just money.

The ceiling is leaking water.  Well- thankfully we have a handy repairman down the street that knows our economic situation- it will be fixed. It is just money. We still have a house- our home.

My ankle is sprained.  Nothing that R.I.C.E can’t fix.  Frankly, it is just my ankle.

I am ashamed that I was so upset at those little things.  That I didn’t acknowledge sooner that we are so blessed- that we will be fine- that we have each other.

My heart aches for those that do not have their loved ones anymore.  From Boston to West Texas.  My heart aches for you.



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